MyTouch 3G News, Again

While we continue to hear more and more news surrounding the announcement of the upcoming HTC Android device (and other Android phones), known fondly as the MyTouch 3G, it seems as though some more pictures have been leaked (by one of our very own).  The pictures, yes multiples, show the device in black and have the MyTouch branding.  As much as I liked the white version, the black just looks heavenly (okay, so that may be backwards).  Tell us what you think in the comments.  More Pictures after the break!

Thanks CradleofChaos

Look at all those accessories!

  • Ronald

    Dang, these pics long legit. Hopefully this phone gets released soon.

  • steven

    it looks like it needs to be flashed w/ a non-bloated firmware

  • answerman

    I dont care I want a 3.5 inch screen with android

  • CradleOfChaos

    Lovin the blog Andrew, lookin good.

  • T1 Connect

    just makes you wanna say mmm mmm mmm. i love the way this thing looks.

  • Jeff

    And you can tell that from just a screenshot huh?

  • Jeff

    And you can tell that from just a screenshot huh?

  • 4ty-phive

    I want it in the bronze color. I can’t wait for this. I wonder what kind of deal upgraders will get when it comes out.

  • jayyoung

    looking at the first pic showing the back dosen’t it look like it has a qwerty

  • J-Hop2o6

    why is watermarking these photo’s like they was the first one??

  • Shaud

    ok So is this the G2 or just mytouch, and g2 is somethin else?????

  • anthony

    nice seeems convincing and the black does look heavenly.I hope it comes out soon because now is the time Iphone is out Palm is out this is the perfect time to steal the thunder with a little Magic lol

  • anthony

    I say call it what ever you want. Color it brown and call it dog shit just get it out before we lose interest

  • spum

    Shaud – There isn’t a G2, and there never will be. T-Mobile isn’t able to use the name “G2” because Gatorade already copyright the name. The G2 doesn’t exist.

  • anthony

    Spum I concur would be funny if the hold up is because they coundnt agree on a name.

  • TaTo22

    its so nice i cant wait we need pics of the red one

  • bk_brownie

    loving that it doesn’t have that glossy look at my finger prints mom finish, definitely getting the black one now!!

  • bk_brownie

    @ andrew can you tell what comes in the box?

  • Andrew

    @ bk_brownie In the box, looks like a pouch of sorts, headphone adapter (for 3.5mm headphones), proprietary head phones, data cable and a charger (that will use the data cable to charge). That is what it looks like to me

    @J-Hop2o6 I do not know what would posses tmotoday to mark these off as their own. The fact is, we have them without water marks, posted an hour or so before them, so you tell me who has the goods and who is faking

  • Logan cook

    I can’t wait!!!!!!

  • Dullsharp

    oh hot damn that is a sexy device! would have gone without the “mytouch” branding though…..

  • Steve

    “In the box… headphone adapter” FAIL

  • Out2l8

    I can’t wait! I’m ichin for a new cell.

    I’d really like to see Tmo pick up the brand new (just announced Mon) Nokia E72. Very slick phone! The big drawback w/o a carrier partner, is getting the radio needed for the Tmo 3G band. So Tmo could land this one before the Evil Empire gets their paws on this one too!

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Andrew

    what im tryna say is they’re tryna steal tmonews thunder/exclusives

  • TmoJoe

    I have those pics watermarked, because they are my pics…literally. If anyone has a problem with that, they can email me at to discuss. Clearly, someone did not read their terms of service with craigslist.

  • JRG1392

    I love the phone but I still can’t get past the MyTouch branding…it makes it sound like it’s built for teenagers. I still think they should have sticked with the G() branding.

  • David

    Hmmm..when I long press these pics on my g1 to save them it says they are images from craigslist..maybe a search on craigslist will show this for sale….


    mmmmmmmmmmmm I like the white one better :)

  • bk_brownie

    I wanna see all 3 colors

  • Docprego

    Wait a minute, is that black a matte finish? I can’t tell for sure looking at them on the screen of my phone. It looks like the matte black that the G1 is available in. The Magic in black is glossy, but matte would be so much better! Any definitive answer on this?

  • Michael

    Kinda funny reading the postings on two different sites trying to decide who was first with the pics. Here it is on Craigslist, posted a day before either site!

    …I’m still waiting for the TouchPro2.

  • J-Hop2o6

    it looks like a matte black finish on the back.. not sure about the front

  • Out2l8

    So any idea of specs? Camera, wifi, touch scrn, GPS, gsm bands, mem, etc?

    Tmo csr told me today that I’m high on thier pref’d cust list, so hopefully I can get a good deal on one!

  • Rajan


    Is it only me or everyone is having issues with massive popups and website crashing when we visit in the last few days?

  • TmoJoe

    It appears that while I have had these pics on my desktop, in my inbox, and on my flickr act for over a week, that they are indeed the same pics that were used in the following craigslist post:

    I have no idea how or why, we both ended up with them, but rest assured, that there was no intent to rob tmonews of any credit due. Anyone wishing to further discuss the issue, may do so by contacting me at

  • Ben

    Is there a touch screen and a key board?

  • John

    I have the HTC Ion aka Mytouch 3g/Magic/G2 and I am luving it.. I still think it’s better than the iphone and way better then the original G1, even though many ppl will say its the samething but without a keyboard. lol.. Don’t matter to me though; at least I’m paying 5.99 tzones for my 3G data services unlike the rest who will have to cuff up 24.99-34.99 for unl data with the G1 & Mytouch 3G. To bad everyone will now soon have what I have now!!…

  • Mystictrust

    No keyboard on this one :(

  • @dam55


    Oh yeah? Well I have had these pictures on my desktop, my inbox, my removable flash drive, my flikr account, my facebook page, and my private myspace page for over 2 weeks!


    I’m really wanting this as my phone, I just really wish it wasn’t called the stupid mytouch!! The logo doesn’t look professional and mature it seems designed for the younger demographic.

  • alt-mobile

    Yeah well I had these photos posted on the wall of my mom’s uterus so you can all eat it…(kidding kidding)…

    Looks pretty hot…not going to lie…although white looks sick too…can’t wait to play with one…giggity

  • goodboy_stay

    This is just heaven. I mean total bliss. Finally it’s coming and it looks amazing!
    TmoNews rules the unofficial TMo blogisphere!!!

  • FILA

    looks hott, I like the white version to, odd cuz i usually dont like white phones,but i like both, and im glad they put the cleraish track ball on this black version, it really stands out, just really wish it lit up

  • Red

    I’d like to see the red model.


    are they gonna do the same thing and release the black one first then the other colors. lame. they should be like fuck this here all the colorways.

  • jayyoung

    the magic lights up so i think the they all do

  • chris

    WHENN DOES IT COME OUT!!! omg i have the g1 and i just got it but i am sooooo willing to get rid of it for the MYTOUCH! even if the name does suck! :))

  • m3tric

    5.0 MP cam???????????

  • blake

    does that .3 of an inch really make that much of a difference? it’s still the same res than most other smartphones (pre,iphone) that just means more pixels for the occupied space.

  • bubba

    so does it have a 5.0 mp camera or is that just rumor?

  • http://NONE MR.JESS

    WOW!! this needs to come out soon. been waiting for so long. looks good tho. i wanna actually see the merlot color in person because from what i can see its a bit girly, wonder if it looks different up close. def a must get for me tho.