More MyTouch 3G Action [User manual ftw?]

Want some more MyTouch action? Your wish is our command. The guys over at Engadget received a tip which included unboxing of the MyTouch 3G and the MyTouch 3G User Guide. C’mon, who couldn’t go for a little user manual action?

Hit the jump for a few pages from the user guide.

Via Engadget Mobile




Full manual on Engadget Mobile


  • Sprint on 042410

    David, t-mobile better give you a percentage of all mytouch sales as your promotion of this device is outstanding. I’ll be surprised if at least half of the visitors here don’t buy this phone when released. Great work on an excellent site.

  • MonkeyK

    Why does the manual say that it has 192MB RAM when HTC lists the Magic with 288?

  • TaTo22

    niceeeeee cant wait man this shhhh taking long

  • RJ

    All I know is if Grace Fuller calls me I’m answering.

  • David

    So which phone is T-Mobile USA getting?…. the one with 192MB ram…. or the one with 288MB ram?

  • Razius

    That is a good question. I think we just have to wait and see if a person with the mytouch will fill us in on that.

  • Greg

    it could have been sent to the printers before the specs on the phone were finalized.

  • badbob001

    There are several variations of the Magic hardware. Some have 192 and some 288.

    I believe even the Google Ion that uses the same hardware as the Magic and released at Google i/o, has 192MB ram as well. I guess we won’t really know until we have the device on hand for us to get ram details.

    If true, this is good news for G1 users: developers will still optimize for 192MB ram.

  • MonkeyK

    Thanks badbob, It is very interesting to see that the two variations that you mention differ by RAM (288 vs 192), processor (MSM7200A vs MSM7201a), and *weight* (the smaller memory device is 2.5 grams heavier???)

  • bassjas12

    The reason in the variation of the two RAM specs is because the HTC magic for Vodaphone shipped with 192 MB of RAM while the Magic that came strait from HTC had 288 MB of RAM in it. So there is two different specs.