Small Changes To Data/Messaging Plans!


Well its been a while since we’ve last seen T-mobile make any major changes to data plans and last time we got pretty much a total overhaul. Well, apparently 7 months was long enough and its time for a little revamp. Boygenius just ran a story about the Family Text Message changing from $19.99 to $24.95 a month. While still lower than the competition, in this economic climate, every dollar counts and you would think our benevolent low cost carrier would go in the opposite direction, but oh well, still a good deal. That’s not at all however, a minor change will also come at the lower end of the messaging scale, the smallest package currently available is $5 for 400 messages, well that’s going to change to $5 for 300 messages. Our source pegs these changes on May 27th though BoyGenius is running with “sometime” in June. 

Aside from the small price changes, T-mobile is also reporting a change in T-mobile stance regarding data plans with smartphones. Adopting a more AT&T/Verizon model, all smartphones will now be required to have an add on data plan, save for the BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Pearl Flip, Samsung Behold or Samsung Memoir. Also slated for a “sometime” in June launch. 

Via Boygenius

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  • Queen4111

    I don’t think they should “FORCE” the data plan on all smartphones, esp if the phone has WiFi capabilities.

  • Dave

    Oh lawd… it’s just like nothing in the world follow’s the condition of society, and our economy, and recession. Who in the hell got money to keep paying for stuff like that. T-Mobile is just putting themselves in a bad position. Their already the 4th largest carrier. I mean they’re growing, but with stuff like this, it sure as h**l is not gonna help them in anyway, shape, or form.

  • SoTacMatt

    Is that for all customers? Including those already on the $19.99 a month plan?

    Here they go, dinging the “Working Man” (key Rush song)

  • Galen20K

    Wow… Forced Data Plans STINK!!!

    I’ve ALways had one because they’ve always been Useful for me but what if I was somebody who wants that Flashy New Phone but don’t have any need for Data reallY?

    I feel bad for those people because now they’ll be forced to settle for a Chincy cheap phone or pay for a service they don’t need.

  • rudy

    instead of trying to give customers more tmo just takes away, glad i have my 400 text for 5 dollars.
    and forcing data plans is dumb, car manufactures don’t force yhou to buy addons on a car how do cell providers get away with it.

  • Will

    As far as these data plans they should lower the price with the increase in demand or allow you to pay a higher upgrade price for a smart phone so that you are not require to have a data plan. I’ve been looking at getting a Palm Tero Pro unlock I wonder if they would be able to force a data plan if I slip the sim card in at home.

  • Steve

    I’m one of those individuals who has a smart phone but no data plan. I only use texting at this point but I just enjoy having the powerful capabilities of a more advanced phone. I just don’t understand why/how carriers can “force” their clients to sign up for services they don’t need or want.

    I’ve been a long time t-mobile customer in part because of their favorable pricing but with one swoop…..sprint’s pricing all of a sudden looks mighty nice. Unlimited family data plan includes 1500 minutes, unlimited text, blackberry e-mail, gps, tv and radio services! Why can’t Tmobile run something like this? IF I added correctly, T-mobile would charge me close to $160 a month and they don’t offer gps or any mobile entertainment services… about a bad move!

  • Anthony

    That sucks! Now I got to pay $5 more! I wonder how much that internet plan is going to be now??

  • ChampagneDreams

    So someone please tell me what classifies the Behold and Memoir as smartphones??? Cuz my Behold doesnt do a damn thing that a smartphone can do.

  • oZ

    As T-Mobile continues its slow march toward becoming Verizon…

  • Bravehard

    That’s crazy, forced to a data plan, I thought t-mobile was about people
    saving money. I guess its ruff!! And for those people that don’t use a data
    plan they are forced to get one. So they’re paying for something they don’t even use no love whats so ever!!! :(

  • wagonis

    Keep it up T-Mobile, bring on more reasons to switch over to a company like Boost or Metro.

  • sanjay

    I understand they need to increase revenue. What sucks is that us loyal customers have been waiting and waiting for their 3G and new phones (still way behind) and only because they are a more value carrier. Then when they get close they start raising the prices and behaving more like Their competitors thus making us wonder why we stuck around.

  • Steve

    does this constitute a “material and adverse” change in terms of service allowing for early cancellation penalty free?

    F.Y.I. I just called customer care to confirm and they don’t know anything yet but suggested that I e-mail corporate to express my viewpoints which I did. I’ll let you know if I hear anything back.

  • math

    your SOURCE didn’t pay attention in training. It ALL begins on June 3.

  • Be realistic

    Really??? Everyone is complaining about being forced to add data on a blackberry or smartphone, well heres news for you, thats what they are made for! These phones are intended to browse the internet and receive e-mails, so if your not one who likes doing either, don’t buy a blackberry or smartphone. It’s sad that these phones are used more as status symbols then useful communication tools. If you want a texting phone with a full QWERTY buy a Gravity or one of the 4 full texting phones they will be coming out with in the future. You can’t blame a company for covering the costs of building a 3G network by increasing the costs to use that network. Remember people, these companies are not Non-Profit organizations, it is about being profitable. These cell phone carriers are not the problem, it’s the expectations of the consumer that is the real issue. Be realistic, if your not going to use a blackberry/smartphone to browse the internet, don’t buy the device. Brick Breaker shouldn’t be the main reason your getting a blackberry.

  • Steve

    @ be realistic

    I don’t consider my Dash a status symbol, I just prefer the strong PIM functions that a smartphone can offer along with a qwerty keyboard so I don’t have to carry a pda and phone separately.

    I doubt that tmobile has been losing money all this time by NOT charging for data and they for sure are not giving away smartphones! The cheapest one is $100 with a two year contract! They are just doing what every other carrier is doing and that is squeezing more revenue out of their subscriber base.

  • Peter

    @be realistic

    Why don’t you just shut up and let us decide? Who put you in charge of telling us what we should or shouldn’t get? If I want a “smart” phone without data plan that’s my choice and I don’t need you to tell me otherwise. For your information those phones can be used to browse the net without a data plan.

  • brooke

    ok, I don’t need a data plan for my shadow they shouldn’t force it less people are gonna buy their new smart phones coming out and I don’t wanna pay five dollars a month for texting

  • cormor

    Its pointless to have a data phone without the data anyway

  • Big S

    WOW realistic your right!!!! Just so you all know t-mobile is very behind in the revenue they bring in, they do think of YOU the cst, if you already have the phone and you dont have the data plan they cant make you add it, they can adv YOU the cst what your not getting out of your phone so YOU are wasting the money on a phone that you dont use all the phone can do..

  • FILA

    come on T, seriously, just leave things alone, before we loose respect for you. Doesnt effect me YET…It will when I have to add a data plan on my new TP2, lol

  • Tremor

    I love the Mr. T Mobile

  • Roger

    OK guys, I can understand both sides. On one hand, the company wants everyone with a smartphone to take advantage of it’s capabilities, as well as making the company a few extra bucks. T-Mo is the smallest of the 4 carriers, remember! They need the extra money more than big V does. On the other hand, however, there are a lot of cheap people who don’t want to be ‘forced’ to get data on their shiny new smartphone. But as others have said, if you don’t need data folks, go buy a Samsung t109.

  • G1 lover

    @realistic I completely agree with you 100% half of my customer base that have a blackberry or another smart phone don’t even know how to use it.and let’s face it most of the smartphones are useless without the internet. I don’t wanna hear about that wifi argument because honestly its getting old wifi is not everywhere

  • Tito

    why would you want half a phone? I never understood why anyone would want to buy a data phone and not get the data plan.

    Car manufacturers don’t force options… really?

    Go to a dealership, and try buying a flashy sportscar (like a Lancer Evolution) without A/C, cruise control, stereo/CD, hubcaps, power locks/keyless entry, power windows, turbo charger, sunroof, etc.

    Oh yeah, and try using unleaded regular gasoline instead of premium to save money and you’ll screw up the engine.

    If you can’t afford the data plan, you have no business with a data phone. There are many flashy dumb phones to choose from, even with full keyboards (gravity, behold, memoir)

    They started getting devices like the G1 which requires the data plan because of the advanced features. People complained “no other phone requires the data plan”, well, this is the result. I for one support it because now this opens up innovation on data phones because now everyone has to have the connection for those innovations to work.

  • Chuong

    Since when did AT&T force data plan on customers with its branded smartphones except the iPhone? The data plan is only required for rebate purpose.

    Not everyone needs a data plan even if he/she uses a smartphone.

  • Rommel

    Does this apply to unlocked phone users?-i have three lines,all nokia n-series.

  • j

    Blast, I was really hoping to get the Magic/myTouch and then cancel my data plan. I simply have no need for it. Maybe this will be one of those things that you’ll really have to beg them to cancel it. I have TMo anyway, and I’d love a discounted phone… but doing the math, it works out to $600 for a 2 year contract. That same $600 can buy me one heck of a nice Android phone in the coming months, without the forced “features.”

  • math

    @Rommel your safe only applies to tmo devices purchased june 3 and forward with a one or two year contract. a few are exempt like the pearl and dash. btw the cost is less than the force data plans you will receive at att sprint or vzw.

  • Andy

    t-mobile OFFICIALLY has gone off the deep end! They are no longer known as the cheap carrier in my opinion. You might as well be shelling out the same price for better 3G, and more phone variety, all at the same price!! This is seriously making me want to switch to AT & T.

  • TMOemployee

    Ok here’s the deal, when you ‘upgrade’ or start a new line of service if you want to receive the two year contract pricing you have to agree to have a data plan on that line for the entire two year agreement for that phone discount, if you don’t want the data plan you have to pay retail for the phone.

  • Steve-o

    I totally agree with Be Realistic…..what’s the purpose of a smart phone if you aren’t going to use it as a “smart phone?” That’s like buying a car & then deciding not to drive it. Here’s another thing…yeah…it is your money but if you are going to complain about the economic conditions we are in, you probably shouldn’t be dishing out money for a smart phone in the first place….especially if you aren’t going to use the device fully.

  • It’s not just a data phone

    All of you calling it a “data phone” need to rethink that description. These phones do more than just data, and not everybody needs to check their weather or their myspace or email “on the go.” These phones are powerful and can be used for so many other things than just data. Forcing people to have a data plan is plain stupid. I currently use an unlocked Kaiser on t-mobile, and use it daily as a music player in my car (through bluetooth streaming), mp3 player on my bike rides, GPS for driving and GPS for hiking/geocaching, I use it as an organizer/planner, an occasional impromptu picture, playing games, finishing up HW on the go (yes I’ve done this twice already, Word Mobile), etc…there are so many reasons someone could have a phone and not need a data plan. So it’s not pointless. Maybe people don’t really know how amazing these little phones are. Hackable so far beyond the basic WM platform it originally comes in. T-mo is not looking real good right now.

  • barban

    Smartphones aren’t useless without data plans. Data is only a small part of them. You guys to do realize that people can do work on smartphones using programs like office mobile. The advanced calender and address book features. You can still have tons of apps without data. There are people that don’t need to check their email every 2 minutes and browse the web all the time.So data plan shouldnt be forced on people. That’s like forcing you to get an ISP when buying a computer.

  • SpanDee

    So True!!! I could agree more…

    Because of this you’ll see more phones being released and all the things the people complain on here will get fixed, more money = more phones (3G Blackberry, TP2, Android), Larger 3G network and LTE, thus everyone will be happy. If not, get a metro or cricket and enjoy that WAP :)

    Stop being cheap!

  • barban


    No such thing as a data phone. Most phones can do data..including dumbphones. If you’re getting a smartphone for just data, then you wasted money.

  • math

    @Andy LOL you are seriously a fool. Go on to ATT and then report back HOW MUCH MORE you will be spending with their REQUIRED DATA PLAN and monthly fees. Stop crying.

  • Skyboxer

    Well I was really rooting for Sprint and the Pre to be successful anyway. If your going to be locked out of a cool phone anyway you might as well either go to boost and pay 50 bucks per month even, or double down and to with sprints 100 buck plan and the Pre.
    My only hope is they use the money to build more service area which will equal more subscriers. Verizon has more subscribers because they have more coverage. Adding LTE to the few cities that have 3G isnt gonna cut it. If I have to pay Verizon rates with TMO I better be getting Verizon coverage too. If this happens I’ll stick with TMO simply because Verizon is evil incarnate.

  • the_wizard

    This is absurd…a business trying to make money? T-Mobile has ruined any chance of me staying. I want the BEST PHONES for FREE, and I don’t want to pay anything more than $10.00 for UNLIMITED EVERYTHING. I can’t understand for the life of me how the people that gripe about wanting better phones and a better network but don’t want to pay for anything. And here is a grand idea….why don’t you wait until you actually know ALL of the details before freaking out because of something that was leaked on the internet. @Steve, you will be grandfathered in until you choose to purchase a new data device WITH the data plan which means that you will be accepting the 2 year agreement and the new terms. In the past 2 years, there has been once change that has allowed you to break your contract ETF free, so clearly T-Mobile does not want to go out of their way to alienate all of their current customers.

  • Be realistic

    It’s nice to see that other people feel the way that I do..

  • ala

    whoever said the wifi thing is a moot point.. that’s bull. i have wifi at my work, i have wifi at my school, and i have wifi at home. school and work is where i would use the phone’s internet the most. i don’t need a data plan for that.

    maybe i am the exception to most users. i don’t know.

    i just want uma, wifi internet, qwerty keyboard, and music player

  • AC

    Being forced to sign up for a data plan when signing up for a new 2-year contract and buying a smartphone using the discounts is understandable. If the “cost” for no data plan is the lack of the discounts, then so be it. The stink a few people have raised here about smartphone users not signing up for data plans simply because we have smartphones… isn’t quite so understandable.

    For one, the car analogy is off. Requiring a data plan for a smartphone is not the same as requiring fuel, type of fuel, or hardware features like AC, stereo/CD, etc. on a car. Those would be more analogous to requiring electricity or keeping hardware features like the camera, bluetooth, etc. intact on a phone. Requiring a data plan is more like… requiring a subscription for GPS traffic updates or OnStar service simply because I want the sports car and not the economy sedan.

    Secondly, how is having a smartphone without a data plan different from having a “dumb” phone without a data plan for T-Mobile? How would either of those “open up innovation?”

    Lastly, our business in using smartphones without a data plan is none of yours.

  • J

    The problem with using the “computer and forcing to get an ISP” arguement is that when you buy a computer that computer isn’t being subsidized. You pay full price. That is why T-Mobile isn’t forcing those with unbranded phones into data plans. When T-Mobile prices a phone at $100, they do so with the thinking that the money they are losing will be made up through the customer’s data usage. People keep complaining about T-Mobile charging more and stuff, but then they complain about them being behind on technology. Without the added revenue, they will always be behind on technology. Thats how the game works.

    If you tihnk T-Mobile isn’t your best value, try to find out.

  • barban

    The phones are already subsidized when signing a new contract. I don’t think we’re going to see an even lower price just because data plans are mandatory.

  • Cormor

    Customers do not realize how expensive it is for carriers to provide wireless service. It takes $100,000 just to set up one tower, and T-Mobile just spent Billions of dollars purchasing spectrum for their 3g network, and yet they still offer the cheapest plans. Plus they do have to purchase the phones. T-Mobile does not make the phone, but they give discounts in exchange for a 2 year contract. So I completely see why they would require data on smart phones even if you don’t need it because they provide you a discount, less than what they spent of the phone. You could buy it retail or purchase it from the manufacturer and then not get data. And I’m sure if you have a grandfathered text/data bundle, T-Mobile will not force you to change or add features. Please stop being spoiled. The person who said those complaining about recession is totally on par when they said those customers shouldn’t be spending high prices on data phones anyway. Plus you’re 39.99 a month rate plan will not pay for T-Mobile to get new phones or a new expensive 4g network. Stop crying please.

  • Anthony

    Cormor.. ^^^^^.. U work on wall st. rite.. LMAO..

  • the_wizard

    @AC, it is no ones business how you use your phone until you go into a public forum and open up discussion about how you use your phone lol. Let me spell it out a little more clearly for anyone who is still having trouble grasping the concept…the data phone with a data plan is a choice. If you want it that’s great, if not there is no gun to your head. In fact, t-mobile offers a great option called flexpay where you don’t even have to sign a contract, so maybe you could consider this. Already have a postpaid plan? Well then buy the phone at retail price or buy an unlocked phone so you won’t have to accept the new 2 yr plan. It really is that simple. Also, if you are concerned with the full price of the phone t-mobile offers a great option called the equipment installment plan so you can spread part and sometimes all of your phone price over a 4 month period. Bottomline, it is a business and t-mobile is still the leader by far when it comes to value; though the other things that people are consistently dissatisfied with is the lack of phones and lack of 3G and this is a business plan modeled arond increasing revenue

  • GoddeZz



  • the_wizard

    Continued……this plan is modeled around revenue to help improve upon those weaker areas to provide the best customer experience possible. (Sorry for making this 2 post, I am typing this on my G1….with a data plan)