Samsung Behold unboxing and mini-Review

Hello Tmonews fans, once again my apologies for the slowness for which news is coming out these last few days.

Today, our fellow blogger and T-mobile aficianado Noah from Phonedog posted two videos of the Samsung Behold…

I’ll try and get a full post up sometime tomorrow about T-mobile’s official holiday announcements but with regards to the Samsung Behold we are still looking at a $149.99 price. There has been mention of a $50 dollar mail in rebate but unfortunately in my hurry to post I haven’t doublechecked to see if that’s post rebate or before rebate.

Check out the videos below for a full unboxing and review of this exciting addition to the magenta lineup!



  • ms_honey

    OMG i upgraded today over the phone…price for the phone was $199.99 with a $50 mail in rebate making the phone $149 much cheaper than the G1 which i returned today haha! I asked for expressed shipping which means I’ll get the phone tomorrow or wednesday. Im soo jealous of u ppl who got the phone already!! I can tell from the comments the phone is awesome!!

  • Snowy

    well on price point the behold offers much more on the hardware end compared to the G1 plus there is liceneseing fees involved, where the G1 is cost free OS and they played a nice trick to avoid java fees(thats a bit more complicated to explain) but when you click the about feature on devices u will c what licenses are involved.

  • Hugo84

    @A How did you get Opera Mini to work?

    Doesn’t appear to have FM – bummer! But I’m still exploring. The keyboard is a little funky, and on some websites the accelerometer doesn’t setup the virtual keyboard in the correct orientation. I wish Samsung had kept the earlier simplicity of one key to switch between different input options, now you have to remember several combinations, despite the enlarged screen space.

  • sssax2003

    Ali why not get the Samsung F480? Same thing as the Behold except it has FM radio, and MicroSD capacity up to 16GB. Its unlocked as well. You can probably get it lower than $383 on ebay. Check it out.

  • sssax2003

    Is the battery life the same on the Samsung F480? Since the Behold and the F480 are the same phone. Can anybody answer my question. Thanks.

  • ally

    anyone knows how the aim works if u can read aways etc?

  • weezy

    what the hell is opera mini?

  • A

    @Hugo84 go to Don’t download what it suggests. Click the link that says “If this version fails to install or you would like to install a previous version, please click here.” Then pick the one that has the VeriSign Security Certificate. When you get to the settings for Opera, pick socket as the protocol.

    @weezy Opera Mini is a true HTML browser.

  • weezy

    and the one that comes with the phone is not? What can you do differently? thanks by the way

  • thaone&only

    Can it dowload Google Maps??

  • Jay

    Wow this dude is such a cornball; anyway.. got to play w/ this phone today at the tmo store.. its sooo small and feels very very fragile, but very neat and sleek. too bad i have to wait until my plan w/ sprint is up in december to get it. =/

  • A

    @ weezy You can see a webpage as it would appear on the computer. The original phone browser does not do this. And if it does…I haven’t figured out how to change the format.

  • Hugo84

    @A Many thx. Still cleaning up my old phone before I can completely switch over. As I need to upgrade the PC Studio sync software to the latest version. I guess I should have done that over the weekend! Oh well.

    The SIM card is very difficult to remove from the Behold, there is no built in spring release system. I needed tweezers to grab it and extract. I wouldn’t recommend removing it once inserted unless you really need to do so. However you can insert it without removing the battery. The SD card does require the battery to be pulled. videos look decent and can be accessed very easily. So far I like the video playback and the built-in sound.

  • leslie

    @HUGO84- how’s the “AIM”? Is it like the sidekick ? Or a regular AIM on a regular phone? Or anyon knows?

  • thaone&only

    Can it go on the desktop version on YouTube, besides the mobile..??

  • Hugo84

    @Leslie Still haven’t tried AIM. That’s on my list for tonight. I’m hoping for a performance kick from 3G, as my previous phone was very slow.

    @thaone&only It seems to be OK to reach, but regular youtube is difficult to navigate on such a small screen. I haven’t actually launched vids there yet. Ran out of power after playing with it too much! Later today perhaps.

  • thaone&only

    Ok, thx! Hugo…

  • thaone&only

    @ Hugo
    Can it download Google Maps??

  • Ali

    Thanks for looking out I did check on that Samsung F480 the only thing I dont like about that phone is that it doesnt seem like it has a full qwerty keyboard.

  • leslie

    does any one know if i can download another version of AIM. if so can someone let me know thanks.

  • Sarah

    i really want this phone. and i just discovered it today. i’m hoping i can get it, but i’ll have to save up a lot of money!

  • Hugo84

    @A Thanks for the Opera mini help. Got it installed and working. Although I’m not sure if I like it or not. Will have to play with it more. Having to manually update the setting for landscape mode is annoying, also the two screen process for entering screen input. I tried various other install methods and yours was the only one that worked successfully.

  • Hugo84

    @thaone&only Google Maps doesn’t install on the T919 at present. I tried all the various Java app install methods and it fails each time. Bummer!

  • Yail Bloor

    @Hugo84 – When you say “Having to manually update the setting for landscape mode” does that mean when you’re viewing a page in portrait view and physically turn the phone 90 degrees in your hand the landscape view won’t automatically kick in? If so, @A, is there a solution for this in Opera settings? Thanks.

  • Lee

    This phone is BA but it can’t run 3rd party apps and doesn’t have wifi…the G1 blows it out of the water

  • matthew

    hey guys i have had the behold for 4 days now and have come across 2 major problems. first the battery life sucks. it only last about a day with normal use. if you use the web, bluetooth, or music player. you’ll have to reCHARGE BEFORE DAYS END. 2nd the melody ringtone doesn’t work the way it should. it slowly increases instead of simply jsut starting loud. so for incoming sms you cant here a melody unless its like 9 seconds long otherwise all you can use is vibe.

  • me

    it is an awesome phone. i have only had it for about a day now but i haven’t found anything the is a major problem except i have noticed the battery doesn’t last very long.

  • i am i am

    worst phone ever! i had it for a total of 5 hours and i put it back in the box and returned it. it looks nice, and thats about it. typing on it is very annoying and its not loud enough. im going for the g1 no i hope its better then the behold, if not then i will be going back to the sidekick.

  • randy m

    this phone is for only $79.88 if u go to a t-mobile store. its fu@##n awesome!