We want your G1 pics!!


So for some of you today is the day, the boys in brown have made your day and in celebration of the G1 launch we want to see your G1 pics. Whether or not its unboxing, firing it up or placing it in your already existing G1 shrine, we want to see them.

So once you no longer have to look out the window for UPS, grab your digital camera or the phone you are ready to retire and take some shots of your brand new G1.

Yes we know, they are ALL going to look the same but the reality is we know you are excited for your very own unboxing pics, having already seen pictures here and here. This has all culminated into a great experience for our readers and we want to see that excitement come to a conclusion and doing so in full on picturesque grandeour!!

So we have set up a nice little place on the forums to post pictures in whatever form you would like, so what are you waiting for? Oh right, UPS still hasn’t come…STOP LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW!!


  • Armytank

    Yeah I did that but iy worked that time I told you. Lol. Good stuff. Awesoome phone a lot smaller than I saw in every picture and every video. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  • sean

    Posting on my g1 ,,

    Man love this phone… wish battery wud last longer…..lol

  • YanivC


  • Armytank

    Battery has been oretty good for me

  • troyboy334

    Does ANYONE know how to put songs on your phone through an active sync?

  • Alex

    !they just forgot to scan it before it got sent out!!! I got it at 7 pm!! This thing is great. The web brpwser is not as bad as it looked on the engadget review!