Videos are always fun

First let me just preface with the irony of today’s G1 video. It comes from an iPhone fan website. The guys at iPhonesavior posted a G1 video today that shows some excellent shots of pacman which is all I really want the phone for anyway. Just kidding but we do get great shots, however, of the market, google street view along with a few other goodies. As usual I prefer the video to do the talking so enjoy:

Make sure to head over to iPhonesavor and check out a few extra spy shots of the size comparitive to the iPhone.


  • T1 Connect

    can someone tell me why this phone only has 71mb of rom left after os install. im still buggin about that and what problems are going to be caused by this in tems of memory and storage for applications usage. especially programs that need to run directly from the phone and cant be run from the storage card.

  • Armytank

    Thats not the bronze thats the black..
    If you go to the site you can see that its black.

  • vlad

    are there gona be g1 phones available to buy from t-mobile stores on the 22nd or should i order mine now from online and get it later than everyone?

  • Armytank

    If you live in one of the t-mobiles 3g cities then it will be available in the store. But if you dont live ther you have to order it which means november.
    SOrry for the bad news.