October 22nd holds more secrets

That’s right T-mobile is in high gear for the 22nd of October, you know the day some G1 phone launches. Oh well, phones are all the same these days, right? Much more important however is some small overhauling to the Myfaves rate plans.

Magenta has done a little tweaking to the plans increasing them by $10 and making mobile 2 mobile standard on all myfaves plans. So really, its not “tweaking” per se, just making what was once an option now “included.”

The only REAL revamp here is the inclusion of a $69.99 myfaves 400 plan. No surprise really as that price point remains the common entry level for family plans on the big carriers. This does not affect any of the non-myfaves plans.

Anyways, not much else to tell but here’s a small graph because some of us just learn better with pictures.


Thanks to everyone who sent this in! 

  • http://neverfollow.blogspot.com Devang

    So, they just hiked the price $10 and made myfaves mandatory. I’ll take a basic family plan with just 400 minutes for $50 please, thank you.

  • Alex

    thats funny, mobile to mobile used to be 6.99, now its 10? how is this good?

  • SheShe

    That’s not too bad

  • Chuong

    $6.99 M2M is for individual myFaves plans. For family myFaves plan, M2M has always been $9.99.

  • MMM

    this better just be for family plans?!
    tell me it is.

  • T1 Connect

    my plan goes down 10 bucks and i can get myfavs with mobile to mobile. now thats gansta.

  • Alex

    how do you figure that T1

  • justinhub2003

    well does this affect customers already in contracts? or does it only affect new customers? i thought my contract kinda locked in my pricing rate. guess not..

  • mark

    t1, I’ve talked to three reps and they’ve all said I could delete the plan on my g1 and still use the phone…?

  • saccade

    So are they turning all Family Plans into myFaves for Family, or are they just jacking up myFaves by $10 AND dropping the minutes by 300 per plan? It seems to me that I should get the myFaves for Family before they make that change, thus getting 700 anytime, nights/weekend and of course myFaves minutes for $69. Check the current prices out: http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/plans/#Family+myFaves

    I hope T-Mo isn’t going all AT&T on us and figuring out they can get an extra $10-20 per month and still be competitive…

  • T1 Connect

    ya know i dont know where people get that from the g1 wont work without a data plan. ITS A PHONE TOO so what if you dont have the data plan your paying for minutes you should be able to use them, just no data access. supposed to be like having winmo or a sidekick or a crackberry. its still gonna work if you dont have a data plan. if that was the case all the g1’s calls would be v.o.i.p.

  • GreenEyedBandit tmo rep

    @Mark…. Sorry to say but they are wrong unfortunately. Not too sure if they are G1 trained but this is not like any other device removal of feature will make device unusable.

  • mark

    t1 I’m believing you but are you positive?

  • center rep

    its only my faves family plans its always been 10 dllrs ala carte now its just included to avoid confusion in the long run individual is still 6.99

  • center rep

    you prob spoke to some rep in out sourced center I know what im saying it will be bricked if it has no data plan. green eyed bandit is right. mark and t1 you will need a data plan.

  • MMM

    @center rep, thank you…

    so will 6.99 be added to individuals plans also?

  • center rep

    no but its a feature u can always add or remove with no worries for 6.99 if you need it one month fine if u don’t remove it

  • center rep

    hey green eyed bandit any news about when we can finally order our G1’s as reps.

  • T1 Connect

    @mark i just checked and i have to give props where is due center rep was right. it has to have a data plan thats the way it was designed by htc and google in colabatation with ur sim card damn. if you want a regular phone with no data buy a regular phone not the g1. thats was i was just told so i must retract my statement. sorry dude.

  • joshc08

    wow i cant believe it, hey well i have some good news. I use to work for r solutions at sams and i just got it confirmed that they will be carrying the G1 in black for 99.87 for a two year contract. She did not know on what date they would be launching it but she said that she would text me when she got more info!!!!

  • GreenEyedBandit tmo rep

    @center rep… Nope still no info. Hoping some time soon cause that would mean that the phones will arrive a later date then oct22nd, which would blow donkey balls

  • MMM


    why would they sell it cheaper at sams than at tmobile stores, or at preorder/upgrade price. your figures might be a little off.

    reps at tmobile said when i called the phone would be $599 when it came out october 22nd.

  • Tmo Android

    If you are already on a family plan you are locked into it. So unless you change your plan this wont effect you.

  • youngmiss156

    I have been waiting for them to make a change to the My Faves plan…not sure if i want to change my current plan though.

  • http://www.myspace.com/kingomdavid David Washington

    This is good. But, it’s basically like they just made the family M2M apart of the plan with that added $10 cost. But, that’s nice cause some parents will only by stuff if it’s already included in the plan. But, I thought by now T-Mobile we’re to change myfaves from 5 to 10? Is that ever gonna happen? I hope the Samsung t919 is good, cause my granny is thinking of switching carriers cause my call keeps dropping on my le tony hawk sidekick lx.

  • Kirbdaddy

    M2M is of no use to me. Most of my peeps are with other carriers. I have MyFaves 300 and rarely use over 100 minutes of talk time.

  • jonessoda87

    Rep let me get 39.99 for 1000 minutes and added my favs for $10 so for 50 I got 1000 plus my favs sweeeeeet.

  • center rep

    @jonessoda87 but do u have nights and weekends included if u do u also have a new 2 yr contract . so yeah if u was your rep I could do that if u didn’t extend for 2 yr you won’t get nights and weekends

  • dat chyk

    @saccade – You are absolutely correct in stating that if you have the 700 minute plan right now (myfaves family)…you are guaranteed those 700 minutes (instead of the 400 coming up for the same price as long as u do not alter your plan (u can alter data though). I currently have the 700 minute family my faves plan and they can’t change that on me for the next two years regarless of the rate changes that may happen. That’s why I like the contract because it is a guaranteed rate saver in situations like this where the minutes are being dropped for the same price that I am currently getting 300 extra minutes on.

    So if you want that plan (with more minutes), I suggest you get it now (like you said).

  • T1 Connect

    hello dat chyk how ya been

  • dat chyk

    @T1 – Hello. I’ve been good, just tired.

  • Sun.NY

    Why are there G1’s for sale on Ebay, Stating They ship as soon as bidding is over And there unlocked also.

    I mean i already Preordered mine.
    But my Gf wants one now.

    Is this possible that some are available already unlocked?

  • Random!!!!

    cool all my callings done basically on mobile to mobile. sounds good to me

  • Josh

    if you have a plan in contract already nothing is changing for you. just like when we had the promo for 1000 mins, nght, wks for 39.99 back in june. as long as you dont EVER change your plan/mobile number (doesnt always chnage your plan with a number change) you can still have your plan. this will be for new customers/ existing wanting to CHANGE their plan

    and BTW you DEFINITELY need the data plan for the G1, you can remove it technically but you want to use youor phone right?

  • joshc08

    radioshack sales everything cheaper last year they had blackberry pearls for free when tmobile was selling them for 199.99 and this new sidekick that just came out is 50.00 when at the store i think its 150 they are given the phones way cheaper because they buy them in bulk as an auction. it is the same concept with walmart and these other places like letstalk.com

  • @nglcgts

    Why would ppl even want to get the G1 through ebay!!?? Their using promo shots from websites! Who knows when u’ll get the phone, even if they have the phone and their running for $400 when u could get it for like $200(throught Tmobile, where u know u’ll get the actual phone for sure!) and another thing when u say “data plan” for the G1 do u mean like the plan where u pay xtra for like unlimited txt and like web use? Kind of like what u have to get for the sidekick LX??? Just need to clarify that! Thanks ;)

  • B.

    @ center rep and green eyed bandit.

    Being a fellow care rep I can comfirm for both of you, we get effed. We can’t order until 30 days after launch. That’s right until 11/22 if you don’t believe me ask your coach or TM or better yet buisness support tomorrow. On the plus our center has them in our phone check out program now though. I’m gonna try to get one tomorrow

  • me

    I pay 69.99 for 700 family minutes now. Now I will be paying 69.99 for 500 min. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY WHAT A GREAT DEAL. T-mobile is really starting to seem useless to me now. I am about to go to sprint and get get the HCT touch pro.

  • me

    correction 69.99 for 400 min. What a bunch of bullshit. T-mobile has no more use now.

  • center rep

    dumb ass me you don’t need to change your plan oh and
    @b in one voice it still says csr’s and rsr’s will have a purchase period before actual release I spoke to business support and my tm were going by sl and one voice not by word of mouth. even my gm confirmed this b

  • me

    @ center rep

    Why am I a dumb ass because T-mobile is going to charge the same price for 300 minutes less? Now T-mobile is just a money whore like the rest of them, and lets be honest with way less coverage. UMMM YES you have to change your plan when you sign a new contract…noob.

  • center rep

    no u don’t need to change plan when u extend contract dumbass. u can keep the same plan dude none is being forced to change plan stay where u are . and we tmo has the deepest coverage dumbass and we prove it on our site what other whore does that

  • me

    LOL. You can’t honestly believe t-mobile has the best coverage, unless you are in Europe. I can’t even argue with you anymore. You have t-mobile love sunglasses on.






  • SheShe

    @me u still get unlimited to those 5 and mobile 2 mobile… can’t have ur cake n eat too

  • me


    Um Yes that was the whole point of T-mobile.

    Now t-mobile has one of the worst family plans.

  • center rep

    the previous options are still available these just include it so customers like “me” don’t think its automaticly included in all rate plans. most customers who got the myfaves family plan thought m2m was included. and it was always 10.00 extra for m2m. the family plans with no myFaves still include m2m within its cost. dumbass!!!!!

  • me

    Hey dude quite calling me a dumbass.

    Even with the m2m it is the worst family plan out there. All other cell companies have m2m included also.
    Sprint has 69.99 for 700 min. m2m and rollover vs
    t-moble 69.99 for 400 min. m2m my fav
    I will admit if you want data and unlimited messages tmobile is still by far the cheapest, but now their family min. plan is absolutely horrible. sorry.

  • T1 Connect

    dude think about this 69.99 is not that bad 400 min you have 5 people you can call without using your min also any tmobile customers you call is free and nights and weekends thats not bad at all with all that when are you going to use the all 400 mins. if your gonna talk alot get a plan with a lot of minutes they have a bunch choose a different one and bro tmobile actually makes smart decisions better than alot of other carriers

  • drivethruboy168

    Dude… as a front line rep, you do not need to change your plan when you extend your contract. How do you think people that have the 1000 with Nights and Weekends for 39.99 for like 5 years! you can call in and extend your contract with no plan changing. You can come into the store and upgrade your phone and extend your contract with out changing your plan. You do not need to change your plan when you extend your contract. Listen to people who work for the company istead of going against them. We know what we’re talking about. Your my faves plan will not change to $10 more. Those plans are going to be grandfathered in which they are a thing of the past and if you are on them now, you stay with that plan until you decide you want to change it. If you change your plan and then you want to go back to the plan you were on before, you can’t, it’s not offered anymore. This is a good move I think. People get frustrated that they have to put family members on the same account on one of there myfaves. And I think a lot of people would go for the 400 minutes. For 2 adults or just 2 kids that’s good, just add family allowance on there. And no other carrier in the U.S has a program like Famlily Allowances. Soo @ME stop tryin to bash on TMO whe you are on a TMO blog site. You have employees on here that have been working for TMO for years and if your just a customer of TMO just listen to what we have to say… we know what we’re talking about.

  • drivethruboy168

    when are the HTC phones in the “Upcoming Phones” Tab going to be released? And the Data Card. Publish it all already!