Mission Pre-sale = Success


I know from reading the comments and the forums so many of you are among the lucky pre-sale buyers for the G1. Apparently there are quite a few more of you than we previously thought as fool.com is reporting that over 1.5 million G1’s were sold during the pre-sale. The better news, more than that number are marked for availability in the retail channel. About 10 days ago there were reports that T-mobile had hopes to sell 2 million phones before the end of 2009, and now we could be looking at that number being eclipsed before the end of 2008.

This is all amazing news because everybody is buying into Android basically on faith, with the truth being that almost nobody who has ordered via pre-sale has actually touched the phone. This phone needs to be a success right from the gate, the iPhone needs a rival and T-mobile needs a win. I know that loyal T-mobile fans want nothing more than to shove the G1 into the faces of iPhone lovers everywhere and say “haha, I have a bar code scanner,” or something like that.

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  • colejank

    @T1 i cant get on either, i think too many people are on their trying to see if they got their phone, i know i have! LOL!

  • incrediboi

    Yo t1…I dunno if its cuz im using the sklx to sign on to mytmobile. I can’t get on either…and it won’t even load the page…

  • Kevman420

    @ T1
    Ya man I wish. That is one bad ass piece of equipment (FOR YOUR HOUSE) hahaha…

    I Just Tried to log into TMO to no avail 11:36am EST…
    Page cannot be displayed…
    Here’s usual UPS:
    >>> UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request. Verify your information and try again.

  • T1 Connect

    @incrediboi wont work on any of the computers in my crib so its unda construction. by the was “incrediboi” tell ur assistant to call me.

    @kevman im getting it too tmobile has no love for the east coast.

  • Armytank

    Im on the east coast also. No tracking # and no myt-mobile site either.

  • jesse831

    westcoast here … cant get into my tmo … and no ups info ….

  • Lance Romance

    its 12 35 here n chicago and I ‘m still getting those depressing ass red letters… and I can’t log in to mytmobile either. How I see it is they are updating something (order status i hope)….. if it was too much traffic it would say that instead of ‘the server is not responding”.

  • colejank

    hey i am pretty new to this chat but i have been reading and keeping up on this site. i just thought i would let you all know that i just talked to a rep and my order has been placed but is on back order and i did my pre-order 5 minutes after the site went up!! i sadly wont get mine till the first week of November! this is not fair!!!

  • Carl

    Rocky Mountain region and we are not able to see tmo account either.

  • Kevman420

    @ colejank

    When did you order? What date?
    You should not be waiting till November if you ordered Sept 23rd.

    This better not be right or I am canceling my shit!!!

    I mean it. They can keep it if this is the truth!!!

  • Kevman420

    @ colejank
    I mean you were promised by at least the Oct. 22nd right?
    What do you mean you ordered when site went up?

  • Eruscool

    I got cold feet on the 23rd but changed my mind and pre-ordered on the 24th, i hope i get mine on time. i’m here in chicago and also get the damn red letters.

  • colejank

    i ordered the day they unveiled the phone. i was pressing refresh every 5 minutes on the pre-order site and immediately ordered it! thats what i said to the rep, that its not right i should have to wait till november if i ordered it in september! and no they didnt promise me anything, she just said that at the longest would be the end of the first week of november! this is just not fair man!

    i meant when the pre-order site went online for everyone to use. didnt you say yours is on back order too?

  • Kevman420

    @ colejank

    YUP… Said backorder bro..

    I am still trying..

    that really sucks man and I feel for you cause it really sucks…

    Everything happens for a reason I guess…

    they did tell me however that it will be here by the 22nd.

    They got new post people are blogging there…

  • Kevman420

    THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!! @ Colejank!!!


  • Lance Romance

    yea imma be callin t-mobile today to make sure this doesn’t happen to me.

  • Rtmobile

    I am getting mine on friday

  • Lance Romance

    yea imma have to call tmo and make sure this doesn’t happen to me

  • legaleye3000

    where do you go to check for a tracking number? Does tmo email it to you? Thanks

  • Has to better than my Shadow

    My G1 has been billed/shipped? It says billing information has been received, not sure if it has shipped though.

    @legaleye3000 UPS.com click on tracking then click track by reference, enter your t-mobile phone # in the format 555-555-5555, then it will give you a tracking number if the information has been received, easy as pie.

  • legaleye3000

    Put in phone # for reference # at UPS.com and NOTHING! I ordered within first hour of being available and live in FL.

  • BooBy Bear

    i ordered mines on the 27th and i called the t-mobile and the machine told me it was “back ordered” does that mean i have to wait till november 10th?!

  • Lance Romance

    I just received a letter from Asurion:

    Dear Lance Bell:

    We’ve got some great news regarding your T-Mobile Equipment Protection plan.

    On December 1, 2008, we’ll launch our new Premium Handset Protection Program (PHP). Our goal with PHP is simple: when our customers have issues with their phone, we want to rapidly reconnect them to the people who matter most in their lives.

    As part of the new program, we are making an important change: the new equipment protection program will be divided into two parts, insurance and enhanced warranty.

    The insurance program will continue to be underwritten by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and will cost $4.79 per month. The insurance program will continue to cover lost, stolen, and damaged devices. Your deductible for the insurance program is based on the kind of phone you own and are using at the time your phone is lost, stolen or damages. Malfunctioning devices will no longer be covered under the insurance program, but will be covered by the enhanced warranty program.

    The new enhanced warranty program, provided through a service contract issued by Asurion Warranty Services, Inc., covers your phone if it malfunctions either during or after the manufacturer’s warranty. The enhanced warranty program will cost $1.99 per month or $1.20 per month if purchased with the insurance program. For the enhanced warranty program, there is no processing fee (or deductible) if you have a claim.

    Cool! (can’t believe I just typed that)

  • BooBy Bear

    Mr. Bell? ^^ ?

  • Lance Romance

    its news booby bear lol. i needed sumthin to do b4 i go crazy thinkin about the g1

  • Jeanne

    Whooo hooooo…The red letters are gone from the UPS website…mine is being shipped today!

  • Jeanne

    …and the T-Mobile site shows the G1 as my phone ;-)

  • Paul

    I just checked out when I’m getting my G1 and It’s going to be Monday before launch!!!!!!!! HAPPY RIGHT NOW

  • SPRINT#!

    Tmoble network can even support 3g phones completely. their internet sucks and takes for ever. The palm pre will just be slow as ever. T mobile will just ruin palms name!!!