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So while you G1 fans tinker and play and download Apps, take heed that today also marks the official launch of the Android marketplace. Not a whole lot here we didn’t already know, take notice however, the app selection is pretty minimal right now. All applications will be free throughout the remainder of the year and as Gizmodo points out, the big guns ie premier developers will hold off on releasing apps until they can get that money!

So for now enjoy the freebies as we can be assured that a multitude of developers will be still looking to make up for some lacking features. On-screen keyboard perhaps? I know that’s something many of you are clamoring for so hopefully that’s already on the burner somewhere.

On a similar note we’re around 8 hours into launch day, I’d love to hear some feedback in the comments from those who picked up phones today. Do you love it, hate it? Is it everything you wanted it to be? Will it replace a spouse? Are you incredibly thankful its not windows mobile (Viper that one is for you)?

Android market

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  • Kevman420

    @d real sorry to hear that…
    Are all stores in your area sold out?

  • troyboy334

    @t1 ok, do u have to download an app to get? If not tell me how to turn it on.

  • abi g1

    I didn’t buy a phone to replace my ipod that’s just dumb. Idk who buys a phone for a its mp3 player. The os is crazy sick I love it. And the apps are usefull and for who ever thinks that there won’t be any new apps later on are dreaming. There’s going to be a huge amount of apps later. The battery life is not great but its good enough better then the iphone (just by a lil) I seriously don’t no who would need there gps on all the time tho. Bottom line the g1 is awsome. The video player app works good. having to slide open the screen to type isn’t that bad I see it as a plus faster typing. The phone has be out to every one for a day and there’s already haters wow

  • tmofan12


  • Macho

    Does anyone know what exactly was the OTA update for?

  • taylor

    so im happy with the minimal apps for now but what the hell is the deal about paying for them? thats a crock of shit to me. i used an unlocked iphone on tmobile for about 9 months and i never paid for a single app and i got really hyped up about this and now im going to have to pay for apps? why? anybody planning on unlocking and making an installer type free app database for the G1. paying for apps is like paying to get pecker slapped in the face!

  • Kevman420

    Yo I got a question I am sure you can answer…
    If anyone else can by all means please do before I post it in the FORUM…
    I have an after market car charger I used for my Motorola Razor a year or so back…
    I can use that for G1 right? I mean it does the voltage regulation within the device right?
    Oh also I just downloaded every app except for a couple like the banking and stupid closet app…
    I figure why not there free and I wanna test them all for myself.

  • T1 Connect

    @ kevman most electronics regulate thier own charge if the charger doesn’t work with it, it wont charge but its not gonna blow up in ya face plus i tried a rzar charger and it worked including usb to cable box, pc, mac, just about anything usb so your car charger should work but try it at ur own risk.

    @troyboy you gotta download the video player from the market create a video folder on your memory card and put a MPEG video in the folder. after that you can flip all u want. make sure you disconnect ur cable after synching to see videos.

  • Kevman420

    @T1 Connect
    Thanks alot
    I just read that typically, your USB port provides 5v of power and that the normal operating voltage for most USB devices is between 4.75 V and 5.25 V.
    So I am guessing that its the same as long as its using that end connector.
    I’m gonna use it… Is it too late to add insurance… :-P

  • Kevman420

    I mean since its using that connector could voltage output be different? I dont think so…
    Does anyone have an offical G1 car charger/adapter they can look to see what the voltage output is on it. Maybe I can compare!!!

    Thanks Alot!!!

  • Macho

    Taylor there are also applications on the iphone that you have to pay for as well they’re not all free

  • Kevman420

    My bad just saw your using it fine. Is yours a Motorola charger or aftermarket and what is the voltage output if you can tell? Should be same.

    Thanks alot again…

  • T1 Connect

    not home right now cant tell but what forum discussion are you in

  • T1 Connect

    ok check this out

  • jon

    T1connect how do you set ur memory card to that what you told me?

  • tvphil

    Has anyone tried using the G1 at a T-Mobile hotspot? I tried mine at 3 different hotspots (one kinkos, 2 starbucks) and I couldn’t get past the login page. WiFi is turned on (works fine on my home network) and I have the $35 data plan and I downloaded and installed the T-mobile Hotspot Connect kit from the Android market before I tried it at any of the hotspots. T-mobile support has no advice to offer, except to try turning the wifi off and on if it doesn’t connect. According to T-Mobile, the login page shouldn’t even appear, it should allow immediate browsing without the need to log in.Has anyone had any luck at a hotspot?

  • Solrac924

    Love the phone overall. Love the screen resolution. Don’t love how I have to charge it twice a day!! Would like to see an onscreen keyboard. Opening it to type is actually kinda fun but I’ve 2 gripes about the keyboard: 1-when typing numbers, my thumbs are barely getting in there. Not enough room. 2- I do NOT like having to hit the ALT key. I liked how my Dash allowed me to hold the key for an ” ? ! or especially the ‘. Most important app i’d like to see is to use it to tether as a modem. Playback of videos would be great too. I can’t believe they left that out. Where’s an notes app?! Ability to delete/edit bookmarks is a pain. Love the trackball when browsing the web. There should be a way to terminate apps. Need to get OEM adapter to listen to mp3’s and charge at same time. It’d be great if HTC would give them for free to compensate for the battery shortcoming, hint, hint. =D

  • T1 Connect

    @john connect your pc to your phone usb style then open my computer and youll see a new removable drive right click and go to format when the format box pops up click file system fat with allocation 16 kilobites or fat32 with allocation at 32 then click quick format and hit start reboot your phone and viola. also by doing this it will erase all the data on your card so might wannna copy everything to a folder on your pc first.

  • Kevman420

    i love how when you just get g1 you comment on dumb stuff.
    After 2 days of playing and after you download the apps from the market place you realize you need a fork with that shoe!!!
    Just got it today huh…
    Now go to forum and read. Then download apps in Market
    Then come back and post…

  • MagentaGlasses

    Didn’t T-mo said they will include headphone adapter with G1 at some point?

  • jdslim

    The G1 does not us UMA so I would assume it will work just like a any other none UMA PDA accessing hotspots.Where you would need to log in. Unlike the total internet package for pda’s I don’t think the G1 data features included free hotspots, You can try logging in with you number and last four of you social but I would call tmobile and speak to someone with the hotspot department.

  • tvphil

    Been there, done that. If Hotspots aren’t supported, why does the Android Market offer the T-Mobile Hotspot Connection Kit (for free)? Also, why would their tech support reps insist that it should work? What I believe you’re confusing my question with, is the lack of support for tethering. That is true, but browsing/surfing at any T-mobile Hotspot is.

  • tvphil

    Follow up…good news, tmobile hotspot now works. I uninstalled then reinstalled the hotspot connect toolkit, then I kept the wifi off until I got to the hotspot and (voila) it worked. This phone is great! I do agree with others, a touch screen option is needed. Hopefully one is coming in the Android market.

  • Solrac924

    What r you talking about? Where r u confused?
    Is there already an app for onscreen keys? No.
    Is there a way to enter an “alt character” in one keystroke? You tell me,
    So they developed a way to tether the G1 to my laptop to get online anywhere? Hmmm.
    As for Video player, it does not cover all filetypes nor codecs. I meant a universal video player.
    As for entering notes, I’m aware of Quicklist, but the list can appear sloppy. I’m suggesting an app to enter “neat” notes using the keyboard. Syncing with Google Notebook would be ideal.
    When I write about “terminating an app”, I’m referring to the processes continuously being run…until you power cycle the G1. They may be sleeping, but never really ended.
    i’m trying to be constructive here. I really hope Android is a success & I’m trying to help. Don’t hate. Perhaps ur rolling a lot more than just on 4/20…u shouldn’t. Pot kills brain cells.

  • Kevman420

    @ Solrac924
    I don’t know what you mean by rooling alot just on 4/20…
    what are you talking about pot for ????
    420 is my wedding anniversary dude
    Maybe you should get your head out of your A S S!!!
    I was sick of hearing about stuff we all know is going to come out… read the post your like the gagillionth person to post same bunk…
    I have high speed internet and could care less about connecting my laptop..
    Buy an aircard…
    As far as terminating an app
    Lets say your right and an app is running wich I find hard to believe as you are comparing this to Windows for some reason I think,
    I have seen no degragation in any performance…

    What yourself pal….

  • Kevman420

    hey @nutsac924

    I am sure the Android Team really values your 2 cents here…

    What a joke!!!

  • T1 Connect

    didn’t tmobile say if you get caught teatheing they have the right to terminate your contract.