Haven't gotten enough of the G1?


Somebody at T-mobile loves us. T-mobile has set up and released a slick and surprisingly detailed simulator for all to enjoy. It won’t take the place of the real thing, but it will certainly give you something to play with until your local UPS man shows up 18 days from now. For those who are like me and frankly will never even unwrap the manual this gives you an excellent look at the interface you will soon never let stray far from your hands. Don’t you hate it when people ask to look at your phone?

Engadget points out that google maps isn’t functional which obviously means no GPS or street view, but its definitely more detailed than the developers emulator.

Enjoy! Find it here: T-mobile G1 emulator


  • Will
  • joshc08

    Again like i told MMM that the phones are purchased in bulk but this is the price that the email was sent officially to rsolutions kiosks. that it would be 99.87 they are doing this because they can offer it. it is like how people couldnt believe that they were offering blackberry pearls for free last november. or when the sidekick slide came out for 99.87 when the store and online it was selling it for 199.87. they operate something like letstalk.com where you can finde really ridiculous phone deals for way cheap. like once i saw a wing for free out the door no mail in rebates. and if you go to the store you have to pay at least 200 if not more.

  • ralph


    That price of $100 for G1, if it will really be available, may be only for new line activations, and not upgrades for existing plans. I know the Costco kiosk generally charge less for their phones with 2 year upgrade (vs. retail stores), but offer even deeper discounts for new line activations, like the new TM506 is only $20 for new activations with no rebates, and $50 after $50 rebate for upgrades (vs. $70 after rebate at T-Mobile retail).

  • incrediboi

    @joshc08…yeah I know what u saying like I got a sidekick lx for 140 no rebate at bestbuy while it would of been 299 online….I wonder how much bestbuy gonna charge for g1…

  • T1 Connect

    i cant do it man need to know if my joint has a prob i could just call cutomer service and have one shipped to me asap. plub best buy has inventory problems sometimes. went though hell to get the 120gig zune replaced.

  • joshc08

    ya it is for first and second line only but the loop whole is that all you have to do is just call tmobile and convert it to your family plan.
    I wonder too but usually sams club and lets talk/walmart has the best deals on tmobile phones

  • Armytank

    Can you call and change from the black to the bronze?????????
    Why would they come out with the bronze now??????? Now i dont know which one i want more.

  • Kevman420

    @joshc08 Oh OK , well there is a loophole… Nice…

    @Will Thanks for the info and link

    @ Armytank I called and was upset with them becasue I do like the Bronze better and asked them to switch it. They said all they could do was note for the shipping dept that I wanted Bronze ( alot good thats goona do) and she said also that she “THINKS” I would have to cancel my current order, but put in a support ticket for me and someone was supposed to let me know outcome in 72 hours. Thats tomorrow I think from when I called. Anyway, I really do not want to interfere with my shipment but I also really like the Bronze. I guess because every phone I have has almost always been Black. After seeing Bronze it really looks good. Anyway call them and lets us know how you make out. I have to wait and see…

    Thanks All!!! UPS site gonna get lots of hits next week for G1 tracking… lol

  • Kevman420

    Oh one more thing,, I logged into TMO and noticed it says G1 Emulator coming soon!!!

    Love how we have it posted here first….

  • joshc08

    gosh i thought i fixed that sorry, i dont know how to spell

  • Kevman420

    @ T1 Connect

    Hey I noticed this post from you on BB kickstart posting… I hope you were kidding… LOLOL I’m cracking up…

    T1 Connect Says:

    October 2nd, 2008 at 4:37 pm
    After really thinking about it, I think I’m going to be picking up a Blackberry Kickstart instead of the G1. Just called in an cancelled my order. I really like the keypad on this badboy, not to mention the high resolution.

    Blackberry Kickstart here I come!

  • Kevman420

    @ joshc08 What spelling? You build T-Mobile website?

  • Armytank

    @T1 connect,
    You like the screen i heard from the reviews on this site and other sites it was horrible????

  • dat chyk

    @Kevman420 – That wasn’t T1 who posted that comment. It was some imposter by the name of TI Connect (T.I. not T1)! T1 WANTS his G1 now (as he said in all of his post)…so I know it wasn’t him!

  • T1 Connect

    why do i have to get a call at work sayin someones posting comments in my name whoever it is listen get off my joint my shit is reserved for chicks b wtf

  • joshc08

    @ joshc08 What spelling? You build T-Mobile website?

    I was talking about loop hole i spelled it with a w thats why i said sorry bout the spelling cause you correct me and what the heck are you talking about you build tmobile website it doesnt make sense

  • Roll Tide

    T1 u ready for a next week. lol

  • Kevman420

    @ T1 Connect
    I feel for ya T1… I hate when asswipes do that…
    That’s why I was laughing… I read your previous posts here…knowing you wanted G1…
    thats funny – well not really…

    oh my bad, I thought you meant you made a typo on t-mobile site when I posted that T-mobile has link posted for Emulator(COMING SOON) and we already had it here…

    sorry – lost in text… l8r

    I could have used it today to test a server from outside IP address without bothering anyone else for help…

    hurry hurry hurry t mobile…

  • Kevman420

    test a web server access that is

  • Mina

    You will need a data plan. Only 611 and 911 will work if its not on there. Orders probably won’t be able to be canceled, you’ll probably have to refuse delivery or return to sender.. Phone is effin awesome. Can’t wait to teach it to walk my dog. Video quality is good and even if you’re not in a 3G market its still hella fast and shit works purrrfect!

  • T1 Connect

    @rolltide yea man

  • brian-y

    does any 1 know if the G1 is going to have a trim feature for the MP3 to ring-tone . in the MP3 player . my HTC touch flow had it and i loved it . lets you cut only the good parts of the song and use them as ring-tones .

  • T1 Connect

    @brian-y well hopefully the htc audio manager can do that but as far as it being on the g1 have no idea. ive also seen a app for the g1 that could do that cant remember it right now. gotta wait til we get the phone and check the marketplace to find out

  • T1 Connect

    yo i have a hp pavillion tx2000 notebook which is touchscrenn the emulator is wicked with it so freakin smooth. anyone who has a touchscreen pc or notebook try it out.

  • mario

    Sigo esperando el 10-22 !! What else can we do?

  • Kevman420

    Freaking embarrassing I tell you….
    I’m waiting for my kids to finish their Kung Fu class and I am standing there. Suddenly some dude stands next to me and is talking with his earpiece in. I look and he is standing there with his very nice iPhone loaded with all kinds of apps. Stands there and tells me how nice it is and how google maps is unreal on it…..
    What do I do… I pull out my freaking Blackberry Pearl.
    Man do I feel like a girl at this point.
    I quickly put it away and asked if his was 3G… when he said no, I had no choice but to rant about my G1 that is coming.
    Still had no impact as it was JUST TALK!!!



    DAMN IT!!!

  • brian-y

    @T1 connect thats what i meant . sorry , worded wrong .

  • nick

    OMG just give to to me now PLEASE tmo PLEASE we beg of you.. please give us a something more them words to stuff in the face of them crapple people that are always look at my iphone look at it look here looook its soo pretty (i hope u wash it) HAHAHAHAHAHA

    but wait we shall for

    G1 will

    kill apple




  • Kevman420

    It freaking better…

    I will need to go to pshychiatrist if this thing is crap after all this waiting…

    Freaking programmers better be willing to program!!!
    I want Network Packet sniffer programs…
    WiFi Encryption Cracking programs…
    I even want freaking Video Conferencing availabiltiy…

    I want to be able to do it all from my freaking POCKET!!!

    I even want an app that can sniff out any Apple IPhone transmitting in proximity and allow me to BEAM a freaking message from G1..THAT YOU SUCK!!!

    I say this cause they are so freaking PROPIETARY!!

    Android programmers GET WIT IT!!!

  • MMM

    @ kevman420

    that would be perfect.

  • T1 Connect


  • http://www.pukeblog.com Kevman420

    Ya man, I mean I want to be able to access web server and work on shit anywhere. I want to ditch the laptop with this G1!!! Why not? I mean if open source does what it supposed to do, then we should have loads of apps out there down the road… Everything is web based and this should do it with FULL browser…
    Imagine a store that has no checkout…
    I mean you go to isle. Grab what you want. Scan it with G1 and your money gets taken from acccount you identified.
    Then it sends signal to RFID tag in units packaging allowing you out the door as the signal was then sent to do so you just paid for item…INSTANTLY… No checkout… Grab my shit and leave… PEACE!!! If you did’nt scan it you ain’t leaving… Some shit like that… I mean I’m just saying the shit we might be able to do in future if they would ALLOW us to do it. Unlike apple just holding on to dat shit… Not letting programmers be FREE!!!