G4tv reviews the G1!

Just more video and hands on…overall a pretty positive review yet they do encounter some of the same problems with GPS that other reviews seemed to encounter. Every time I read that I just get bummed out. I hope that’s a problem fixed via a software update which comes soon after launch. For those of you still checking your UPS tracking by the minute, this is just another hands on preview to keep you staring out the window for the UPS man!


  • jeff

    got the phone…this touch screen is sooo responsive and smooth..great browser as well….you will love this thing..also don’t compare it to the iphone. it is simply a different phone. it has its own personality… ..like a blonde is not the same as a brunette. has 3 today screens which gives it an awesome..uncluttered..desktop…feel to it..great phone.

  • Jah

    I cant wait any longer i have a monday delivery date meaning i wont be able to play with it until monday night

  • tmofan12

    i went to a tmobile store today to get my girl the kick start and i played with the G1! its AWSOME! very responsive. it has a lot more to offer than the iphonE. i left the store wet

  • max

    where cann i find my tracking # for mine!!!!

  • jah

    Go to ups.com click tracking and then track by reference then enter your phone number with area code and dashes

  • PorkChopSanwhiches

    Checked status… again… and it just left Knoxville, TN this morning. I’m in Orlando… so looks like when they said the 21st for me, they really meant it. AHHH. ONE MORE DAY!! Who wants to knock me the f*** out so I can just wake up tomorrow and have this freaking phone already?

  • jah

    I got I finally got it……now back to regularly scheduled programming…. iphnone sucks…long live the KILA

  • sexy black girl

    i got my phone yesterday and i think i love it