G1 email troubles plaguing early adopters??


For the G1, word on the street and in the hands of the users has been a fairly positive user experience, until they tried the email. Recent reports have pop3/imap accounts on the G1 plagued with troubles, while gmail is of course working just peachy. Between connection errors, messages not sending/receiving and other errors, email problems are plaguing users everywhere.

While early reports focus on comcast users, the troubles don’t seem to be specific to any email provider and don’t differ depending on the email account While the “official” word from T-mobile shows this problem being researched with the highest priority, that doesn’t do much in the way to solve the immediate problem. Early adopters are the bread and butter of phone launches now and as word leaks out about such early difficulties especially something so monumentally wrong as email usage it could turn off those who had planned to pick up the phone in the near future. I suppose the flip side to all this is to get the problems out of the way quickly and let future buyers, the less geeky and the less savvy enjoy the phones without the early buying headaches.

Via the official T-mobile forums, no relation to us of course, the Administrator had this to say:

“We used to see similar errors and symptoms with the old MyEmail service and the new Consumer Email Client.  Those are found on regular phones, but do encounter issues when there are more than 100 e-mails on the POP server or when there are emails with relatively large attachments.””

They are asking for anyone with troubles to report the nature of their problem in an effort to help T-mobile solve this problem sooner rather than later. Users report that deleting and re-adding the account has not worked nor has dropping the email count below 100 on the server. So for the moment, thou must endure and hopefully a fix is right around the corner.

Sound off in the comments…how is your email working?

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  • T1 Connect

    @kev who told you about port 587 cablevision

  • Kevman420

    port 587 stopped working.
    who knows
    i got a few off and it stopped.
    after very long day today with support and them telling me the reason s I posted plus
    saying since tmo is not on optonline and such that its different than Blackberry.
    Its a spam feature that accepts trusted SMTP like Blackberry.

    Anyway after being told everything including I think Elvis is still alive,

    I am just forwarding mail to google account.

    Why try and fix what I cant fix?

    I forward to google like they said on the first few posts would have save a few hairs from turning gray.
    Oh wait they fell out… haha
    Using G1 in FULL capacity without DIRECT pop access.
    Till someone fixes it this will do.

    Sorry I know you guys told me this 100 comments ago but I thought we all could figure it out.
    We can only do so much without direct access to TMO network… :-)
    Amyway, FYI The battery sticker everyone is saying is RED and damaged is supposed to be red.

    The sticker inside the Phone on lifet little circle should be WHITE to indicate NO water damage.
    The battery however WILL be red and white. It turns all red I believe if there is an issue with that!!!


    “Friends, don’t let friends Blog Drunk!”

  • D

    Hey guys im back I had no internet all day till now.
    It seems that data plan issue you had was not a mistake as when i called about my internet not working they said it’s because the 1st 7 days everyone got it free as a G1 pre sale special and the data plans we picked wasnt official so we had to call em back.They just added me back and now im back up and running.So does this mean your sticking with the G1 Kev?
    How you like the G1 so far.
    Has anyone received the RC29 update yet?

  • http://www.shockleytax.com 400Count

    I would add my other email accounts to my gmail account but I don’t want to. The phone should function the way it is supposed to function and not require the user to use a Google email account. Isn’t it enough that we have to use the Google contacts to easily load our contacts? Moreover, to have the emails only be checked at X amount time, is ridiculous. As a longtime BB user, my email came to me instantly, often before it reached my Outlook. This needs to be fixed or I’m going to kick it to the curb.

  • D

    Ok i have a Question.Can some walk me through on how to get my msn mail forwarded to my phone through gmail?i set it as my default account on gmail but thats as far as i no.Whats next?

  • Jackie

    Only issues are the ones already talked about with the email. For Comcast I just keep all in the inbox and delete from server when done. For GoDaddy, I use their mobile webmail instead.

    No one ever talks about how bad the camera is on this phone, my first phone where my pkg allows me to send photos and can’t take one worth saving let alone sending. My razor faired muched better….

  • Jackie

    Oh, I should add to my previous comment how I really enjoy and love the G1 phone. They did a great job and will continue to improve, I am sure.

  • Jackie

    Well, I had a chance to test out the Google maps on the G1 today, and WOW am I impressed. It found my location and kept with it and instant directions as well as street views. I purchased a car mount for it which makes it all the more fun to use. It also has voice recognition with my blue tooth head set that I am loving. I downloaded PacMan (free, may I add) that is truely incredible on the phone (not that I am a gamer by any means). I have never used an I Phone but have no desire to now.

  • rosa

    Its a nice phone, but can’t get my optonline email to work. I tried having gmail retrieve my messages, but when replying it uses the gmail email address. g1 has the option to select a default email address, but it doesn’t work. I have my optonline email as default and still uses the email. using the gmail icon to retrieve my message is a nice feature but has to be set to auto-sync and that kills the battery super fast. Also tried setting up the gmail acct through the email setup so it refreshes from the web help save battery, but replies still using gmail.

  • http://www.burton-hvac.com Jeff

    The only email issue I have is that the email count is wrong. If if delete emails … it doesn’t reset the count. One account thinks I have 200+ but there are only 3.
    I s there a way to clear the count? I can find nothing in the settings except for resetting/clearing all information.
    If you know of a solution, please email me at: jeffburton@burton-hvac.com