Blackberry Curve FINALLY receives 4.5 software update!


Well for all your Blackberry Curve fans who have been eagerly awaiting this release and haven’t taken the leap into the wilderness that is the many unofficial releases floating around this comes as great news. Starting today you can download the 4.5 maintenance release from

One of the few complaints that has befallen Blackberry especially of late has been the lack of HTML email integration. For a device that sells itself as the best email device on the planet it has been a sorely missing feature. Today, at least for T-mobile USA users that all changes and it is b-e-a-utiful!

Software update 4.5 includes some of the following wildly anticipated and sorely missing features:

  • Video recording and HTML e-mail formatting
  • Attachment download and editing
  • myFaves 1.5 (NO idea what this is, anyone, anyone, Bueller?)
  • Enhancements and stability improvements to Wireless Network interaction, UMA, Messaging, Media Player, Web Browser, Phone application, Bluetooth Technology, and more.
  • GSM/Edge Toggle


  • Eddiegtp

    Updated the 8320 on my Mac using VMware Fusion. 1st time is crashed, but no harm done to the BB. 2nd time it clicked in.

    It did take about 2 hours from start of backup to fully operational device with the latest OS.

    The browser is taking a bit getting used to. Wish they had a L and R to navigate like they do for Top and Bottom navigation.

    Kewl with the cursor in the browser.

    Upgrade does not affect Opera Mini (or seems like it isn’t).

    It erases all the preset backgrounds.

    Spellcheck and the cleaner interface on email is great!

    I removed the dumb apps: Tmobile, facebook, and handango.

    Thanks for the info about upgrading Yahoo…

    Should you upgrade? If you’re into it, yes. Otherwise, maybe not. If

  • Enigmatic

    Thinking I was doing her a favor, I downloaded 4.5 for my fiancee’ yesterday and she’s not happy with the new version. Any suggestions on where I can find the last version (sans all the 4.5 goodness)? Thanks in advance.

  • Mb1906

    I love 4.5…. Now I can wait in peace for the 8900 to make its way on out. This really is a nice improvement for the OS. And my UMA is much more stable.

  • markg

    I have the 8320! I have an iMac! I cannot download 4.5 to my Curve because RIM will not deal with Macs!

    Thanks RIM, you have given me the final reason to get rid of your lousy phone and move to the far superior iPhone.

    Good job, idiots!

  • jdomgom01

    Will someone tell me if they are going to release this for the frikin’ Pearl or not? WTF T-Mobile? I have heard rumors it will not be released for the Pearl and I want to know for sure. If they are not I’m going to switch to another carrier as that is beyond lame. At my work people have begun upgrading using other carriers 4.5 and I refuse to do that.