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More to come!!!

Thanks Mark925 for the pics, everyone who sent the top pic in, the videos are courtesy of the press event itself and the official google blog.

Courtesy of pocket-lint comes the first advertisement!

  • Tammy

    This is my first smart phone. Can’t wait to get it, but is anyone else afraid that they are going to get dragged into an alley, hit over the head and have their G1 taken from them – lol .

  • neese

    @cheryl i totally agree. You either are going to purchase the phone or not. Its cheaper then most touchscreen phones and has alot more features. If you are not impressed with the phone, go over to verizon or at&t. Simple as that. I don’t care how long you have been a tmobile customer, paid your bill on time etc. T-mobile still has to make their money. Every phone is going to have its likes and dislikes. Farther more, its isn’t that serious to get upset about. The presale just started so log in tomorrow and try it again.

  • crazythunder

    i stream music from shoutcast on my hermes all day at work using tmo’s edge. i’m sure i go over igb a month, or at least i’d think so. the guys at work love it-commercial free radio. once in awhile it breaks up and a couple days a month the service “just isn’t there”. now i know i’m gonna get called a bandwidth hog and whatever else, but i don’t care. i’m paying for so-called unlimited with the $20 data plan. for anyone who can stay under that cap,God bless ya. i don’t think i could. i can usually only listen to streams at 64kb max, which is fine for work. i have my hermes hooked to a usb speaker adapter, hooked to a mini sub and 2 speakers. sounds amazing. point is, i’ll pass on this mainly due to the cap. i’d say bombard tmo with calls and mail about this, but that won’t happen.people were raising hell about comcast doing it to home users. and it will only get worse. why the hell is everyone so excited about 3g? i must admit, i WAS. all the carriers say “use our tv service” etc…but….don’t use it too much. give me a break.i’m tired of being told what to do with my hard earned money. go ahead, flame me, or whatever, i’m stone,lol. i’m just not impressed with the whole android\tmo launch at all. i love wearing my wireless headphones while i’m cutting the grass,working in basement etc… but i can’t do that with the g1. and i can;t tether. and i can’t record one of the few videos i might take.and i can’t hotspot@home. and i have to watch my data usage. screw that. don’t call it total internet anymore. rename it to “1gb internet plan”. for everyone who wants to call me a bandwidth hog, what do you need 3g for? so your gmail loads faster? so you can surf faster on your lunch break? i’ve never had tmo tell me to stop streaming music{untill now} so i’m not about to listen to anyone else. i’m not here to start an argument. i just really don’t see what all the excitement is about. trust me, i’m a total technology freak, to put it mildly. i totally understand the open source aspect of it all. but why tout something as so open with so many limitations right off the bat? screw the wifi. oh boy, i can use my cell to surf the web wirelessly in my backyard, whoopee! or use one of the hotspots which i pay for, but they are too far and few. ok, the wifi is cool. but the cap,the bluetooth stereo and the tethering were the deal breakers for me. paying more with another carrier is really starting to itch at my brain. i’m not a bandwagon jumper. by no means. i’m loyal to certain hardware i use in my pc etc… but sometimes the need arises for an individual to jump ship. i’ll wait it out for possibly a year, see if things improve or not, then weigh my options. for everyone who enjoys their new device, God bless ya, i hope you enjoy it. get back to me in a month or 2 and convince me it’s not as bad as stated. i’m flexible and open minded. till that happens, i’ll be streaming away on shoutcast. peace

  • Blue Alien

    I just called tmobile and the representative told me that you don’t need the 25$ or the 35$ data plans. She said that you could get the 6$ tzone plan for it to work but there is no option online for it as of now.

  • Freddie

    Are you serious Blue? Seeing how you’re on the topic of saving $$$, why then would you want to purchase a smart phone for $179 bucks and not have a data plan, when you can upgrade to a straight-up simple phone for much less.

  • Blue Alien

    @Freddie I am in high school right now and the only money I get is my allowance. I have plenty of money to buy the phone but I already pay for Wow right now and adding 25$ to that I would be paying 40$ a month just for those tow things.

  • Freddie

    You will not be getting the most out of the G1 even if you were allowed to purchase it w/o the data plans….makes no sense to me…sort of like purchasing a Porsche…..with a 4-banger engine.

  • crazythunder

    oh yea, forgot to mention, the pricing doesn’t bother me. it’s not an issue. i simply believe in getting my money’s worth. maybe this g1 can deliver. but right now, the specs say no. i paid more for my hermes which has stereo bt, usb modem,video recorder etc… so i didn’t expect more for less. i’ll just wait for version 2 or 3 and see if it improves. i’d easily pay 4-6 hundred bills for a device which can suit my needs. it’s just that tmo and google can’t deliver them at this point. let’s just hope things get better as far as data caps go. but as the trend in caps and big brother trying to shove our rights where the sun don’t shine continue, i don’t see a bright future. hopefully i’m way wrong.

  • Bob

    @ Ty,

    I was wondering that myself.

    Does ANYONE know ANYTHING about watching movies on the G1?
    Or if it will have headphones, a headphone jack, or anything of the like, on the phone so that I can listen to my mp3s I download?

    Or if it even comes with a set of headphones already?

    It would make sense to me that if they want to comepete with apple then they are going to need to be able to put movis on the the G1..and that it will come with headphones.

    But I want to be sure before I spend the money to buy one.

  • Freddie

    Bob, your answer lies here:

    Could be a deal-breaker for many…

  • Tom


    Are you forgetting how it was in high school? It’ll be a status symbol for Blue. He’ll be the coolest kid on campus toting this bad boy. But yeah I agree with you. It’s kind of pointless to get this without a data plan as all the functionality of it is based off the internet. You wont even be able to organize your schedule because it uses google calendar… something, I believe, a crackberry and iphone can do off the internet.

  • compu1

    I am wondering if there is a backlight on the home screen buttons, does the scroll pad light up?

  • Freddie

    True story, Tom…

    “Dude, is that the new G1?”

    “Yeah, man, it’s awesome!”

    “Wow, what can it do?”

    “Uuueh, um, I wouldn’t know, I can’t afford the data plan!”


  • g willi

    @JD, the G1 comes with a microSD 2.0 slot. See the specs on HTC’s website:

    You can already buy a 8 GB microSD 2.0 card on Amazon for about $20 and 16 GB SD 2.0 card (not micro) on Amazon for $35. At the rate SD technology is advancing, by the time you get the thing in October they’ll probably have a 16 GB micro SD 2.0 card.

  • Ej

    Just got off the phone with a rep. He said full upgrades (meaning your at 22 months) will get you the $179 price no matter when you get it. Mine upgrade is due on 10/20, so I can just wait it out, then make the 2 minute drive to my local T-Mobile store on 10/22. I’ll even be able to test it out first. In the big picture, I think I’m getting a better deal by just waiting 29 days.

  • g willi

    @Freddie, @Tom, well if Blue’s school has wifi (my son’s school does), he can connect using the wifi.

  • TechnologyXDA

    To Talon: Did you purchase the limited edition G1 today with no video capture, no bluetooth stereo, no 3.5mm headphone jax, no front camera for video calling, no TV OUT, no Slingbox mobile TV, no Microsoft Exchange! So you are paying $179.00 for pacman and street view with a 2 year contract. Real smart guy, you will be better off going here …!{LOL}

  • Freddie

    Wifi in High Schools now? Holy crap, I remember playing the original Simcity on old POS apple computers back in the day.

  • Blue Alien

    We do have wifi in some areas of the school but I do not think they give out the wep key.

  • justin

    God Technology you are a big troll. Go bury yourself in your own insecure bs and go away. All phones are different. Your just jealous cause you rubber band your phone to your head and that is your bluetooth you chump.

  • SheShe

    does any one know if it will have an on screen keyboard?

  • Armo

    andriod looks sick. G1 looks real nice. i’d get it but im broke right now. any news on t919?

  • AJ

    Did anyone else have the problem where the ship to address left out part of your address?? my address has 2 lines to it, both of which are important for it to get to me, the second of these was left out of the ship to on the confirmation page :S

  • Random!!!

    this is what the sidekick should be xp

  • 98clru

    Sheshe: It has the swingout hardware keyboard but I’m certain that it will also have a “soft” (touchscreen) keypad for dialing and if there is enough reason for it an app could be easily built. It would have been nice for things like this to be covered, it may be buried in the youtube stuff.

    Ship to is automatically filled in by they system unless you clik to indicate it’s changed it goes to the billing address. I always copy such screens of orders and paste to an email. Gmail supports this.

  • T1 Connect

    @sheshe theres no onscreen keyboard yes it sux

    @technologyxda this is national g1 day for us stop bashing bro the system is new they will develop apps for it and i bet you all those features your complaining about will be created soon. i know the xperia x1 is a sick phone and i will buy one some day but just chill right now.

  • AJ

    I didn’t click for it to be changed. The ship to on the confirmation page is just missing Address Line 2 of my address. I’m not sure what to do if it ships without that line, i’m hoping that it’s just an internal truncation of the billing address for the confirmation page?

  • mingkee

    I just wish… least
    G1 will have tethering (both USB and bt) out of the box
    can use G1 with my VPN internet without changing my data service, then I don’t mind adding any 400

  • Hersh

    Got the upgrade, but not near the end of my contract. I have been with T-mobile since voicestream, so maybe I was giving a pass.

  • SheShe

    @T1 somebody showed me this one though

    some im sure there will be more

  • Armytank

    I cant wait to get the phone then go online and get the crazy applications that people are making for the phone right now. I hope online we will be able to get free applications from peope who made them.

  • g willi

    @TechnologyXDA, The X1 is one fugly phone… and it runs Windoze Mobile too. Yuck!

  • RJS

    T1, you’re wrong about that touchscreen keypad for making calls.

    Watch the cnet video on the right hand side of the page. You will see a visual of a guy making a call using a touch-screen keypad. Hope that answers your question sheshe.

  • T1 Connect

    from the reviews that im reading from the people at the press conference it doesn’t come factory installed

  • RJS

    Just watch the video, dude. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Sun.NY

    I JUUUSTTTTT PReordered mine.
    Im alittle pissed about the no video recording, i rarley used it but imsure itll be added down the line.
    and the Data cap i a bummer to but ehh no phone is Perfect
    Im just anxious to get rid of my Wing and Mda to try this os
    Wm has ben letting me down latley

    I was Wondering whats the deal with the headset, will i only be able to use Htc headsets> Cuz i have a bunch of those There only 5 bucks on ebay.

    OH yeah its awesome that u dont have to Pay upfront.
    The rep jus assured me that the Price WILL be going up once the presale Ends.

    BTW i Got the BROWN.. for 214.14 Ill prolly trade it in for the White when its realesed though :-) cant wait

  • Sun.NY

    Wait can some one tell me if the key board has a Back light Ive seen no mention of this
    I woul assume it has one but, I ASSUMED it would have video recording and it doesnt

  • a

    I ordered mine earlier today.
    I really hope it’s not bulky.
    Does the phone actually have GPS?

    It’s not the most gorgeous thing out there, but looks aren’t my number one priority when it comes to a phone..
    I wish they would ship them out sooner to those of us who pre-ordered because October 22nd very far away.

  • a


    T-mobile will allow you to trade in the black for the white when it comes out?
    It seems unlikely, but really cool if it’s true.
    I actually really want the white one too…

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    The G1 Will Be On Sale Right Now For 179 For Current Customers! The Phone Will Arrive As Early As Oct. 22! Customers Who Do Not Have 3G Still Can Buy The Phone! Stores In 3G Areas Will Only Carry This Phone! A Radius Outside The 3G Territory Will Carry This Phone! 2.5G Customers Will Have To Buy Online Only!

    I Was Disappointed Today By The Design! Seems To Have Macbook Material! Will It Be A Fire Hazard Like All Mac Products Have Been! You Can Tell Its Plastic! But I Wanna Answer Some Questions! Any Questions Let Me Know! I’m Gonna Answer Some Now:

    Does The G1 Have Stereo Bluetooth? No It Does Not At This Time! Developers At Android Are Working On A2DP To Add To The Bluetooth 2.0 Profile! The 1st Or 2nd Software Update Should Have This Feature!

    How Do I Recieve Updates To My G1? Google Plans On Making It Available Through T-Mobile You’ll Be Able To Download The Update Right From Your Phone! It Will Use Sidekick Like Notification OTA! 1.0 Should Be Out By November – December!

    What Are The Video Capabilities Currently Offered On The G1? You Can View Video Only! Formats Like 3GP, MPEG4, Streaming & MP4 Are Supported! You Can Not Record Video At The Time Only View! You Will Be Able To Record Within 1.0 To 1.1 Update!

    How Much Is The Data Plan For The G1 Going To Cost?
    The Price Is Bundled With Messaging! You Can Get 400 Messages/Unlimited Data For $25! Unlimited Messaging/Unlimited Data For $35!

    Is This Phone Work Like The Sidekick?
    It Sure Does! When You First Get Your Phone You Must Sign-Up For A E-Mail Account! After Signing Up You Will Have To Sign In Once With Your E-Mail & Password! The Sidekick Is Similar With!

    How Much Internal RAM/ROM Does This Phone Have?
    According To T-Mobile Its 64MB Internal RAM & 128 Internal ROM! I Believe This Is Correct! Other Sources Have Doubled The RAM & ROM!

    Will This Device Be As Slow As The Wing?
    Certainly Will Be! It Will Be A Tad Faster But Still Slow! So Expect It To Run Like The Wing! Even Tho It Has A 528 MHZ Qualcomm Processor! Which Is Strange Cuz Qualcomm Is For CDMA Usually!

    Is This Phone Better Than The I-Phone? Software Wise It Can Be A Yes & A No! At Least Theirs Copy & Paste Lol! But It Will Have A Few Hardware Issues With The Cracking Etc Etc.

    Is There A Desktop Syncing Program? No! Their Doesn’t Plan To Be One! The Phone Syncs From The Network To Your Phone! You Can Sync Music & Video From Windows Media Player Or I-Tunes!

    Is Gmail Only Available For The G1?
    No! It Has AIM/AOL, Windows Live & Yahoo E-Mail As We’ll! Push E-Mail Not Supported! Can Not Use Outlook For This Device But You Can Add E-Mail Accounts On Your Phone!

    Is GPS, Wi-Fi Or UMA Included?
    There Was Plans For UMA! But UMA Did Not Make It! Wi-Fi B/G Supported! GPS Is Built-In!

    Will I Ever Be Able To Use This Phone As A Tethered Modem & Can Someone Make A Program In The Future?
    No! That Feature Isn’t Included! No! If Someone Tries To Make A Tethered Modem It Will Be Removed! Any Phone Exceeding 1GB Of Data In A Month Will Be Subject To Termination, Or Reduced To 50 KBPS Of Speed!

    Will My G1 Reduce In Battery Time After Use For A Long Period Of Time?
    Yes! 5 Hours Will Eventually Decreased To 3 Hours! Also Depending On Use Of WI-FI & 3G! Music & Video Doesn’t Have A Major Impact!

    Warning: You May Experience Melting Of The Back Since It Will Overheat! This Phone Has Been Rated A Fire Risk! Issues Will Also Be Cracking!

    I’m Getting This Phone! Any Of You Have Additional Questions Post Below Me!

  • Sun.NY

    @ viper matrix
    1.will i Be able to Save my own Mp3’s as ring tones or do i have to BUY ringtones Ie the Sidekick.

    2.Does the Keypad or phone it self Have a Back light
    Becasue the Backlight on my Wing is awesome id hae to loose that.

    3.will i be able to Sync with other phone via Bluetooth for filesharing.

    4. does it come with a stylus i havent seen One mentioned

    Alot of questions i know :-)

  • D

    Just ordered my G1(Black).Got it For $179 + $18 + $16.58 (Tax).My total was $214.57 Yayyyyyy…Woot woot..For all those haters out there talking bout how its falling short of the IPhone,by Jan. 09 they will have already released a tweak for enabling video recording and many apps will be released.How do i no this? cause the android is coming out in Q1 for sprint and it will be more updated which means those tweaks will all be leaked.Enjoy everyone.

  • Josh

    you know what today is missing? a comment from holden who was saying that the device that is supposed to be the G1 is something other then what is pictured on the site. holden where are ya man, i need your insight. you where saying that we are all wrong and stuff and i looked thru all the comments and havent seen one from you…

  • me2

    A couple things are confusing to me. #1, reading the words on this page imply that it IS “available in all stores within 3G boundary area”. so can I buy this tomorrow? or should it read “will be available at some point”? #2 What does “open system” mean; can I run software meant for plam OS or pocket PC Windows on it? little help please?

  • Tom

    Open system, from my understanding, means open source. Meaning you have access to all the code for the OS and hardware that it runs on, which you can modify any way you chose as long as you know how to program it to do whatever you want it to do. I remember reading somewhere about even the on screen dialing pad is customizable.

  • timmydale

    A few friends of mine told me that they were asked for their credit card number when they ordered their phones but I just ordered mine and I was not asked for my credit card. Is that ok? It should just charge to my account right.

  • Armytank

    Is there the touch screen typer??? I havent heard it mentioned yet.

  • Steve

    Well, I just can’t see any advantage to doing a pre-order. I’m waiting for the retail release. Way too many unknowns and unanswered questions. If the price goes up next month, the changes of me buying will go down.

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    Answer To The Following Questions?

    Will I Be Able To Add My Own Ringtones?
    Yes! You Can Put Your Ringtones On The MicroSD Card That Comes With The Device! It Will Let You Select Your Own MP3 Ringtone!

    Does The Keyboard Have A Backlight?
    I’m Kinda Unsure! But I Think That Is No! I Do Not See A Backlight Within The Keyboard!

    Can I Sync Files From Another Phone Via Bluetooth?
    No! Currently Their Is No Bluetooth File Sharing Available This Should Be Added Within 1.1 Release!

    Does The G1 Come With A Stylus?
    No! Its Multi-Touch Like The I-Phone! You May Purchase A Finger Stylus Or Stylus Separately, Just Remember Not To Lose It!

    Exactly What Are The Conditions Of The Pre-Sale?
    3G Areas Will Sell This Phone Online & In-Store! A Radius Out Of 3G Coverage Will Also Have This In Stores! EDGE Customers Can Pre-Order Online Only!

    Can I Run Any OS On This Phone?
    It Depends! Some Parts Of The Device May Not Work With Different Software! It Can Be Installed Over The OS Software!

    What Is Open Source?
    Open Source Is A Platform Free For Anyone To Create Programs For The Devices OS! In A Closed Source Its Just The Company & Few Of Its Workers Have Access To Build Applications! In Open Source Anyone In The World Can Build Applications! You Could If You Wanted To!

    Will I Need A Credit Card If I Order Online?
    For Postpaid No! It Will Charge Right To Your Account Sometime After You Receive It!

    Is There A Touch Screen Keyboard?

    When Will Everyone Be Receiving The G1?
    Oct. 22!

    Attention: Buying From A Store, Flexpay Customers, Customer Service 50/50 Will Require You To Have A Credit Card Ready! Ordering Online Is The Best Way If You Want To Be Billed For It!

  • jonessoda87

    I’ve been out of contract and I owed 170, they took 25 off my bill and gave me myfaves and 1000 minutes for 49.99 and allowed me to order for 179.