Pics and Video!



More to come!!!

Thanks Mark925 for the pics, everyone who sent the top pic in, the videos are courtesy of the press event itself and the official google blog.

Courtesy of pocket-lint comes the first advertisement!

  • Timmydale

    Ok I went back into my account to see if it still said processing and it doesn’t it allows me to upgrade again. Do you think that means it didnt go through? *I will call CS on my break*

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    Sounds Like An Error In Their System!

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    But I Don’t Think It Will Go Off Till Around The 22nd Of Oct. If I’m Not Mistaken! I Said Yesterday That I Wasn’t Sure If Their Was A Backlight! Theres A White Backlight On The Keyboard! It Supports Multi-Touch But It May Not Have Multi-Touch Upon Release!

  • Timmydale

    I called and they gave me an order number and said it was going to fulfillment. So I guess its all good.

  • Tmowork21

    Ok first of all i work at tmobile there is no cap on the damn internet capabilities that rumor was started by the iphone freaks and another thing to all these long time customers im tired of hearing u bitch about not getting any special treatment u could get it for 179 if u didnt already use ur discount if u cant afford the price u dont need it any way

  • Timmydale

    @Tmowork21 Now now there was printed info from Tmo about the data cap but has now since been changed due in part to the customer complaints on forums like this site. So customer complain away because it can cause change as it did with this situation.

    Since you work for TMO why would I not get a text confirmation that my order went through? lol

  • me2

    wow! thanks tmobile rep. go back to your job and upset some more people with those personal skills of yours.
    The cap was pubished on t-mobile website (fineprint) until yesterday they reconsiderd and removed it.

  • LX User

    I placed my pre order on September 23rd. I received a text just yesterday confirming my order , but the grand total ended up being way less. The total…$194.64. I swear on my new G1! Why did my order cost so much less?

  • D

    @ LX USER: The $194.64 is showed without the upgrade fee.You will still be charged the $18.Add those two and im sure it’s how much you payed for it total.

  • dflat7

    Can anyone please tell me…does it have a built in GPS???