Inching closer…


CTIA is just days away and we all eagerly await Robert Dotsons keynote and any and all goodies he might announce in his speech. Until then here is yet one more confirmation of Android coming closer and closer to launch. An anonymous tipster emailed a screenshot of SKU codes and well I think you guys will read exactly we already knew, three colors: Black, Brown and White. I don’t know what a usual time frame is for those numbers to be loaded and a phones release is but its so close, so very very close. Enjoy!

On a secondary note, we’d like to point out that while we see this phone labeled as the G1, the FCC docs were labeled “dream.” So the conspiracy continues again, grassy knoll perhaps? We’ve talked about this before and I know the wait is killing us all and we’re discussing anything and everything to bide the time but its worth pointing out yet again that we may be in for a two device surprise.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • Keeley

    I travel for a living, and my bigest complaint with the blackberry is that it doesn’t update when you change time zones. Anyone know if the dream contains this “standard” feature? Can’t believe blackberry snoozed on this!!!

  • T-Idol

    @Ms MoFo… “I’ve been with T-Mobile since before it was T-Mobile”. Me too :) It was Powertel first (regional, Southeast), then became VoiceStream (East Coast), then T-Mobile (national). I’ve been VERY happy with their customer service and the competitive “per minute” cost. T-Mobile has followed others little behind with certain services, but they will have great phones soon :)

  • SL
  • TomCruise

    the local tmo-rep told me he has seen pictures of g1/dream on internal tmobile site. its like iphone with buttons at the bottom (matches these pix we are seeing).

    he had no information about release-date/presale but also said they usually get to know a week before the actual release.

    so hang on!
    (this conversation occured on sep 5)

  • Ms MoFo

    I guess that I can get a cheaper phone from T–Mobile which will once again put me under contract and just hope that they come out with this I-Phone type smart phone. This Razor that was my husbands is horrible. Constantly cuts out, poor reception, etc. So maybe just any phone that works until we see something. I was told that it would absolutely be available in 08. Hopefully, this is true. I amtrying to hang in there.

  • Ermac

    ok as for everybody go to to see what it looks like Go to and type in htc dream to see what it will come with. and I honestly believe, since two of the co-founders of android worked with t dash previously, is the reason it (dream) will roam t dash first. as for you mofo, t dash is comin out with a slew of phones including bb’s first flip, the kickstart. as for the person with the review tip, htc has been around as long as moto and nokia been around, they are the leaders in making the best smartphones, all kinds of mobile os’s want a piece of em including windows, android, and symbian. honestly im waiting for windows mobile 7. although im getting the dream.

  • Android Freeware

    The first ever Android phone (G1) will be announced by T-Mobile on 11th September 2008, somewhat between 9:30AM and 11:00AM. Just a few hours to wait.

  • kdee


    What site are you talkg about? “” i don’t think that’s a real site………

  • Sam

    The HTC Dream will be given away for practically nothing. Google is going to push it with loads of cash to get a good piece of market share – they will then make money with the App Store.