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Patient TmoNews readers, may we present to you, the HTC Kila, errr we mean HTC Dream, or the G1, aka the first android handset ever! When we posted this rumor a couple days ago, we had our fingers crossed. Now with visual confirmations, this is all set in stone, give or take approval of the handset by the FCC. Keep in mind that the iPhone was approved 1 day before releasel. We have confirmed that the Android device will be available for current T-mobile customers online, for pre-sales, on September 17th. The Pre-sale will last for one week, with the device being delivered on October 13th, which happens to be the national public launch of the device. Get this, a “current” T-mobile customer only has to be a T-mobile customer for 24 hours to be eligible for the upgrade. This is where details get a little fuzzy; we cannot tell if the phone will sell for $149.99 to all customers, regardless of upgrade eligibility, or for $149.99 to those customers only eligible for a full upgrade (there is also the possibility it will sell for $99). Regardless, we do know that the HTC Kila will sell for $50 more then pre-sale price when it is released nationally on October 13th. You want more? Well the Kila will come with 2 data plan options: Unlimited data and 400 messages, or Unlimited data and unlimited messages. Prices will be in the $35 range, which seem more then fair to us, especially considering both plans will be free for the first week (pre-sale customers only). With multiple upcoming touchscreen phones, both with 3G AND Wifi, two 5 megapixal phones, the Kickstart, national 3G, and many more devices all being released by 2009, things have been definitely been looking up for the smallest national carrier in the U.S. (Quiet down Alltel, we said national ). Here are the specs on the HTC Kila:

· Touch Screen

· Full Qwerty keyboard

· 3G/ WiFi

· Full HTML internet capabilities

· Easy access to all Google applications (Gmail, Gtalk, search)

· Maps

· Street view

· YouTube

· Phone

· IM/Text

· Email

· Camera 3.0mp; no flash

· Video (playback only, no recording)

· Music player & 1GB memory card pre-loaded

· Applications, all available in Google marketplace (icon on the homescreen)

  • kdee

    @ rahul dang:

    Thank you. At least I’m not the only one who is thinking these things and has questions.

  • Crybo

    I called them today to ask about another phone, the guy told me to not get the other phone and that the “Android” preorders might be next week online for $174.99

  • Crybo

    Oh yeah, he said, September 17th

  • Brian

    4 more days left

  • rahul dang


    Dude thats awesome!!! Are u serious?

    and this is to anyone:do u guys really think the preorders are next week? o and i live in los angeles, would i still be able to get it? thanks

  • mike m.

    i live in LA too, and i’ve been waiting on this Phone for a while. i just dont want to be disappointed when sept. 17th rolls around and nothing, zilch, nada. i’ve tried calling tmobile and all tehy’ve told me is that there is going to be a HTC device, but it won’t be released til november december. so any encouraging news would be grateful.

  • mike

    hey guys. does any one knows if there is a HTC-DREAM pre-sale, where are we going to be able to get it? how it would work?

  • kdee

    @ mike:

    Did you even read the blog entry you are replying to? It’s in the the first paragraph, but everyone is still trying to verify the info.

  • Jon

    Hows the AIM on the gphone?

  • Michael

    Almost time for the pre-sale to begin, and i for one cant wait, cause im def going to get this new phone.

  • kdee

    How will we be notified or where do you go on the day off the pre-sale to actually buy the damned thing?

  • Javier

    How do you guys know the presale is still going to be on Wed. I thought they were going to announce the phone on the 23rd.

  • Naz

    The G1 Will Come Soon Enough. The I phone Facts About Approved The Day Before Is Release Is Good Enough For Me. No Rush….

  • Luke

    Spoke with Tmobile representative yesterday…they have no knowledge of a pre-sale to take place at all in the near future. She assured me that if they were going to bedoing a pre-sale tomorrow, they would know today. So, are they hiding the ball, or do you think this Sept. 17th pre-sale date is just getting our hopes up???

  • Rob

    @Javier, I believe the partnership between Google and TMo is going to be announced the 23rd… Thats why now, if the phone doesn’t go on presale the 17th, we can look forward to the 23rd

  • kdee

    @ Luke

    Nobody knows anything, it’s all speculatory bullshit. There is no pre-sale tomorrow. Why would they have some “top-secret” presale that for a phone that nobody knows anything about nor was informed formally of this presale? That’s a horrible way to sell product.

    All way know for sure, is there is a press-conference on the 23rd announcing the phone. That is it.

  • Nick

    GPS is Onbord : Confirmed

  • Angel

    Looks like no pre-orders at least until the 23rd of Sep.
    Too bad I was looking forward to ordering it.

  • Jessica

    How do I do the presale? when I ask around Tmobile store reps and customer service reps everyone look @ me like im crazy because they dont know what im talking about. when its time to get the phone what or where sould i go

  • Rob

    @Jessica IF there indeed is a presale, it will be online… in my experience, store reps know as much as we do… read up next time, you’ll be surprised how many questions can be answered from previous posts

  • danny


  • some dude in queens

    just got off the phone with my local store, i was asking him about the google phone, i asked if its going on sale soon, he said there not releasing any official dates yet, he didn’t wanna say much, after i told him that my contract is up and that i mite be going for an iphone and/or dif carrier, he said “well i can tell you that you will definitely hear some news this month.

  • nathan

    I’m a current t-mobile customer in the U.S. and I see not even a hint of any kind of pre-order option for the phone on my account page when i’m logged in or anywhere else on the site. Also when I went into the store yesterday they said that they weren’t 100% sure but knew that it (HTC Dream) would be release late Q4 probably before thanksgiving/christmas. Also stores can only apparently launch a device when every t-mobile store has the product.

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