Details emerge on T-mobile's plans for the remainder of 2008, and we like em!


Users that have been getting antsy about the T-mobile phone selection have been told that we are experiencing the quiet before the storm. Well as we get nearer to October, the storm is approaching and the news is rolling in. First and foremost, a follow up on this article we posted on July 5th is in order. Over the next few days, after the rumors passed around the internet, we got a slew of confirmations on the October 1st release of T-mobile 3G in the nations top 25 markets. Not only that, but we’ve gotten a number of tips that the first Android device to be on the market, the 3G-enabled HTC Dream, will be launching on T-mobile on the same day. We also know that the Sony Ericsson Bella will launch with 3G either on October 1st, or a short while after. Oh you thought we were done huh? Definitely not. Also coming before the year ends is MyFaves 2.0, which in addition to other cool new features, users will have 10 Faves instead of 5. My Fave10 just doesn’t have the ring to it My Fave5 did. Either way, we doubt anyone will complain about the number of their MyFaves doubling. Also in store for 2008: A complete upgrade to FlexPay 2.0. We’re sure T-mobile employees will be thrilled better Flexpay systems, and less complaints. Anywyas, with a new Sidekick, the Shadow II, Motorola ZN5, Blackberry 9100 on OS 4.6, Nokia 7510, Nokia E-series device, mysterious higher-end Motorola and Samsung phones, and much much more, the remainder of 2008 is looking to be quite exciting for T-mobile customers. We hope your as excited for all of this as we are. Check the countdown to the right to see how much longer T-mobile customers will be able to complain about lack of 3G, and poor phone selection. From the looks of it, that is all about to change. We have more exciting news that will be posted in the following weeks. To see all of T-mobile’s upcoming phones, click here. Enjoy!

  • GCustom

    That was all regarding new phones not the billing glitch which they fixed.

  • drivethruboy168

    Well I have some friends in NY and jailbroke the new iPhone 3G becuase AT&T’s 3G was … No Bueno… well they have told me that T-Mobile’s 3G is pretty much everywhere they go in NY which they are super stoked about. but they are pretty mad because there battery on there iPhone 3G dies super fast! so they have to sgot off the 3G radios in there phone if they need there phone all day. HAHAHA!!!!! Sooo about T-Mobiles 3G… I don’t think it’s going to be upsetting… cough cough… AT&T… from the sounds of it, people are enjoying what they have in NY! I can’t wait for 3G to come come around L.A!!

  • Jeff

    I called T-mobile in NY today and asked when the bold was coming out, he told me another carrier has it exclusively for 3 months, which means T-mobile wont gt it until Dec or jan 09 he said, if he is right, he did tell me that the htc diamond is coming to t-mobile soon, and we may get the blackberry javelin, so come october will be Judgment day for T-mobile in my opinion, and I feel they will suprise a lot of people, i am tired of AT&T fan boys saying how far behind T-mobile is, I truly believe t-mobile is heading in the right direction and has better coverage then Apple, I mean AT&T

  • David


    We all like T-mobile alot but to point out the obvious doesn’t make people fanboys of ATT or any other vendor. T-mobile is heading the right direction but several years late. Regarding coverage, I am usually the only one in my office that needs to step outside to get a “G” signal when we travel only 10 miles outside of the city. Everyone else I work with has ATT or Verizon and is up and running. This is reality but like I said earlier for most of the customers they support, they are on target. I will guarantee you T-mobile will have new HTC smartphones soon but I was shocked that the Diamond is coming over as cmda enabled phone through verizon and sprint this year. If this is the case, the diamond will not be offered for a while to T-mobile or ATT.

  • miguel

    ok so does this mean that tmo is not getting the blackberry bold? cause if they aint i will like kill myself, i been waiting 2 years for that phone and it better come out on 3g too

  • David

    Miguel, T-mobile will be getting the bold. They just may need to wait 3 months. Although there is no guarantee but they will.

  • Derrci

    sorry. There is nothing interesting here. The hottest phones are the HTC Touch Pro, HTC Diamond, and the Sony Xperia and there’s nothing. I’m at the point many are and that’s soooo ready to ditch Tmobile.

    OCTOBER? Seriously we’ve been waiting for years now for a decent phone. Wait till October for what? Not for these phones.

  • Marc

    So the bella is the flagship 3G phone, please tell me that’s a joke. Like comment Derrci says, I may just leave (I DON’T WANT TO). I don’t see any interesting phones here, please tell me the Bella is not the flagship 3G phone.

  • Lame

    LTG’s spin is just that: SPIN.

    A good company would focus on balance. He (or she) is telling us that T-mobile tipped the scale and focused on service over hardware.

    Well what good is a 3G network when you have no 3G phones that anyone gives 2 craps about?

    I have a new slogan for T-mo: “Keep Waiting”, cause that’s all I ever hear from T-mo.

    Then you start breaking down your customers in percentages… ok, how about taking it a step further and breaking down those customers by age demographic? If that 81% you boast are freaking kiddie Sidekick users… well gee, then I really am on the wrong network.

    And when all those kiddies grow up and want a phone with real communciation abilities… are they gonna find it at T-mo? Looking at your phones now, I’d say no.

  • SlateTheGreat

    By the way, HTC Dream pics are at and all over the place.